Lil Fizz (of B2K) iz back!!!!!

This is a website all about my main man "Lil Fizz," known also as the former member of B2K.Fizz is on his own now and was even in the beginnig of Omarion's entourage video,if you pay attention.

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Name: Dreux Pierre Frederic
Nicknames: Lil' Fizz, Fizz, Fizzle, FizzO & Lil' Bubbles
Born: November 26, 1985 in Los Angeles California
Age: 21
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Chinese Astrology: Tiger
Height: 5/8 & 1/2 (back then..I don't know now)
Race: Black, White & Indian
Siblings: Brooke & Chez (and jhene)
Fav. Color: Royal Blue
Fav. Book: To Kill A Mockingbird
Fav. Subject: Global History
Fav. Candy: Skittles
Fav. Food: Mexican food, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Creole food
Fast Food: Popeyes
Fav. Ice Cream: Cookies n Cream
Fav. TV Show: The Simpsons
Fav. Actor/Actress: Denzel Washington & Nia Long
Fav. Junk Food: Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Shoe Size: 8 & 1/2 (back then..I don't know now)
Weight:145 lbs (back then..I don't know now)
Fav. Clothing Designers: Avirex, Beefy White T's, Roca Wear
Habits: Bites his lips, always wants to use the bathroom at the wrong times, & smiles too much.
Fav. Artists: Jigga(Jay-Z)Snoop Dogg, Biggie Smalls, IMx, Michael Jackson
Fav. B2K Song: from pandemonium album/Pretty Young Thing, Boys For Life
Fav. Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Playstation 2, Freestyling, Rapping, reading & watching TV.
Fav. Type Of Video Games: Racing games
Fav. Movie: Boyz in the Hood
Fav. Disney Movie: The Lion King
Fav. Type Of Books: Non-fiction over fiction
Fav. Teams: Lakers, Dodgers, Cowboys
Fav. Sports: Football & Basketball
Fav. Animal: Dogs (if he would be an animal, he would be a chameleon, to fit in with everybody else)
Pets: Dogs/Baby, Ramsey, Ace, Gotti & Samson
Car: M3 BMW-silver car
Member (B2K) Occupation: The rapper
Member (B2K) Occupation: The youngest member
Member (B2K) Occupation: The prankster/goofy one
Member (B2K) Occupation: The shy one

Lil' Fizz (born Dreux Pierre Frederic on November 26, 1985 in New Orleans is an Haitian-American rapper and actor of Creole descent. He is best known for being a member of the boy band quartet, B2K, along with Omarion, J-Boog, and Raz-B. He is the godfather of former band mate J-Boog's daughter Aniyah.

In September of 2005, he started to appear in episodes of The War At Home, a sitcom on the FOX network starring Michael Rapaport. Lil Fizz is now signed to Fo Reel Ent., which is known for artists such as Nelly, St. Lunatics, and Mase. He is also featured in the video for "Love Song," by Missez featuring Pimp C and Omarion's video from his sophomore album, Entourage. He is currently in the studio working on his solo debut album entitled Payday, which includes his new single "Fluid" featuring Missez. The album will be released in 2007. Payday is expected to include collaborations with J-Boog, T-Pain, Akon, Lady G, and Bobby Valentino.

B2K was an American all-boy R&B music group, founded and managed by music producer Chris Stokes in 2001, and active until 2004.

In 2001, B2K released their first single "Uh Huh" for their debut album, self-titled, B2K. They were also in a scene in IMx's video, "Beautiful".

In 2002, their first LP, B2K, became an instant hit. The 3 more singles we're "uh huh", "Gots Ta Be", and "Why I Love You". Their sophomore (and final) regular studio album, Pandemonium!, was released in December of the same year, and garnered the US #1 hit single "Bump, Bump, Bump". The group was featured regularly on the covers of teen magazines such as Right On! and Word Up. They also released a Christmas album in-between their regular two albums entitled Santa Hooked Me Up.

In 2003, they released four more singles "Girlfriend", "Bump That", "Everything", and "What A Girl Wants". In addition to that, they were featured on the soundtrack album for MGM's film Barbershop. They headlined The Scream Tour, along with Marques Houston, Jhene, Mario and Nick Cannon who were also performers. B2K also release their motion picture soundtrack single, "Babadoom" (Ft. Fabolous) from their movie, You Got Served.



1.)Lil Fizz's Travel Fantasy is to see all of Europe, Asia, & Australia in a two-year period.
2.)Lil Fizz loves humor, he just mainly loves to laugh, & he loves traveling.
3.)Lil Fizz loves Meeting new people
4.)Wishes that everyone would be honest
5.)Hair Stylish was Omarions mom
6.)He Collects watches & funny drawings of people
7.)A Quote: "God is good, God is great, Lets try & stay positive today."
8.)Lil Fizz's Beauty Secret Washes his face with Dove soap then rubs on Cocoa Butter. (He hates pimples)
9.)Laughs before telling a joke, it takes him about 30 minutes until he can finally say it.
10.)He Kisses with his eyes open
11.)He has a DELL computer
12.)Lil Fizz Plays Rashawn in the B2K movie "You got Served"
13.)Has his own song called "Fizzo got flow", "La, La, La", "2 years", "Fluid"
14.)Album: "Payday"

B2K Videos Released

1.Uh Huh
2.Gots Ta Be
3.Why I Love You
6.What A Girl Wants
8.Why'd You Leave Me On Christmas

Lil Fizz in "Gots Ta Be" video

Lil Fizz in the "Girlfriend" Video



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