backstreetboys forever

bsb forever!!
hi!I am Joy.I am a chinese girl.I am a real backstreet fan. Now I start this blog, is to share the group I like to you.I hope you will like it.And give me some advice about it,ok?And the guys who love bsb can also email me!^o^/

~(^o^)My Own Story (Freestyle Poem)

Time to write a new book
In the end, see how it looks
I'm on my journey full of delight and heartbreak
In the end, you'll see I ain't a fake.
And I don't know if you'll stay true
Even if I'm just nothing to you.
Time to separate for change
Looks so awful, maybe look so strange
I've got to break away
And create my own story;
People close to me I've left
Made my choice to leave, no regret
I know it also hurt me
But I leave to create my story.

Fed up with the craziness they've made
I'll smile when the price gets paid,
They made me hurt to be strong
And build a record upon my own.
I don't ask for your embrace
I know how love moves in mysterious ways.

I'll find my way to survive
And spread my wings and fly
Predestined to create
My very own story;
This is so personal, you see
The only one missing in you is me,
But it's just okay
I have to make my own story.


Brian Thomas Littrell

Nickolas Gene Carter
Brian and Nick are my favourite Backstreet boys
photo time

cool bsb

their first photo!!!

brain and his family





the songs i like long as you love me
2.don't want you back
3.missing you
4.get down
6.i want it that way me the meaning of being lonely
8.anywhere for you
9.never gone
10.quit playing games with my heart
in fact, i LOVE all their songs:>

brain and his son~so funny

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