~ 5 []D-[]-[]D-[]V[] Brothers Equal B5~

Thankz for coming to my final B5 blog. If you havent already seen my last 5 blogs witch were Patrick,Dustin,Kelly,Carnell, and Bryan well you should go n check them out they are titled ~All You Need To Know About Patrick Breeding~ well except each of them has each of their own names in them. But i hope u enjoy this blog too.

Much luv,

Please keep this blog. Hater Free..not saying that any of yal are haters but i know some people like to make RUDE comments. So incase you are one of those people then please keep your comments to your self.

Please remember to leave a comment on the forum!

Pimpin School Boyz

When they went to MTV to show their video "U GOT ME"

Its ok..nobody got any bad bruises...???...

cant say that they arent hot cute the TNT boyz

Shhhh...they are so cute when they are sleeping

When B5 went to Hawaii


Lean wit rock wit it

~A Letter From A B5 Fan That WAS Answered~

Dear B5,
I saw you on TV recently and think you guys are the bomb. I want to know what a typical day is like for you?

Patrick: A typical day for us would be get up in the morning take a shower and brush out teeth. We go to school from 9 to 2. Then go home and practice from maybe like 6 or 7 and go out play basketball for a little while. Then we go inside eat dinner and relax for a little.

Carnell: Out mom makes sure that we take out time to eat and play. We're busy all day going to school and working.

POP POP POP that thang!

The EXACT word for B5

At BET Award

AwWwW....that is a nice cake!

Hey EVERYONE I am having this little type of contest thing to see who can E-mail me at and tell me what I should do to make my NEW B5 fan club cool and where should I make the site at(do you know a type of site where you can make a new site). Whoever wins will be the 2nd LEADER of the club,and the rest of the people that E-mailed me but didnt win will be my TOP helpers.
For people who just want to be in the club without trying to be the 2nd helper then you may E-mail me at and I will send you 20 questions for you to answer,and if I truely believe that you are a true B5 fan then I will E-mail you back as soon as I read over it.
So whoever would like to be in the club or would like to be the 2nd leaser of this club with me. Then make sure you E-mail me and tell me what I should put in the club to make it off the chain!
Much luv,

B-ballin Brothers

Got That Right^^

AwWwWw..they were so little! They look sooo cute!

Coca Cola BABI!!

lolz..he's always bein so goofy

B5 Reppin my hometown all da way! ATL!!

Slurp Slurp!

B5's Documentary: The Beginning
Filled with old footage, new footage, pics, interviews, performances and songs all about B5!

only available one place...

Someone that works with B5 on the DVD asked me to put this on MY site because they know that i love to support them all the way. So if you guys havent got their cd yet please do get it...

Hey yal look @ me wit B5...SIKE!!!!..lolz.. but I dont know that grl right there

Did yal know Lil B plays Baseball?..i know i big as a fan i am..i learned 1 new thing..lolz

AwWwW..the TNT boyz lookin so cute!

1) 4/21/06,13) said"a shout out that I would like to make to B5 is that they are the best boy band out rite now and that they are really cute "

2)4/21/06,10)said" I would like to say that B5 is really hot and the best boy band out!!!!!!"

Well I would exspecaially like to thank all you guys for coming through to see my blog! I hope you guys enjoyed it!
Please REMEMBER to E-mail me or tell me in the forum if you wanna be in my club. And please REMEMBER if you didnt already see my last 5 blogs then please check them out they are cool.
ALSO!!!!!!!! if you have any shout outs like to B5,your favorite B5 member or a friend or something then please E-mail me OR leave it in the forum and tell me that you want it to be under the forum.
ALSO ALSO VERY IMPORTANT..(well to me it is..lolz)..Please be looking out for my NEXT has nothing to do with B5..well a little bit it does B5 will be in it..but it is going to be full of FIONE artist or jsut fione boyz..lolz..So please be looking out for it..I am going to title it *~*The Worlds Finest REAL Men*~* And it will look just like that..alright!
Much luv,

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