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Sarah Brightman is the inspiration for the musical 'The Phantom of the Opera' Her newest cd and dvd 'Diva:The Singles Collection' and 'Diva:The Video Collection' is a group of all of her best singles. ans she is currently working on a new cd scheduled to be released in Autum.

This is Sarah and Michael Crawford as The Phantom and Christine. They opend the show in both London and New York. At that time Sarah was Married to Andrew Lloyd
Webber and he wrote the show for her. Sadly the marriage only lasted 9 years then he left her for his current wife.

This is Sarah for her cd fly. not her most sucessful cd but the music is brilliant. She released this in 1995. the song list is:
1.Time to say goodbye
2.The Fly
4.Murder in Mairyland Park
5.How can Heaven Love me
6.A Question of Honour
7.Ghost in the Machinery
8.You Take my Breath Away
9.Something in the Air
10.Heaven is Here
11.I Loved You
Her most sucessful single from this cd was how can heaven love me. The Music video for this is also on diva:the video collection.

Sarah was recently on the show 'Just the Two of Us' she was paired with cricketer Mark Butcher(left)They did not win but they came in third place:) even though we all know they should have won. Every single night Sarah stunned us with her stunning gowns and then even more with her vocal performance.

Here is another picture of Sarah and Mark from 'Just The two of Us' sarah's dress is beautiful here. I have been searching for more pictures from Sarah's performances on 'Just the two of us.If you have any pictures that you would like to be on this page please send them to thank-you.

Sarah's Last Tour in 2004. The Harem World tour. She had about 10 costume changes and 4 stages, one in the shape of the moon, then a catwalk out to the second stage shaped like a star, and one that folded out on top of the two stages where she sang 'nessun dorma' and 'Beautiful'. she went up into the air 3 times without a stage. twice on wires for the songs 'No One Like You' and 'A Question of Honour' once on a swing where she soared evr so gracefully across the audience singing 'What a wonderful World' while confettie fell from the ceiling.

I Have been looking for what feels like an eternity for Sarah's Fan Mail address. Finally I found it on so, here it is:

Sarah Brightman
The Mill
Mill Lane, Cookham
Berkshire, SL6 9QT

Please let me know if this is not accurate. e-mail me at thank-you:)

On Sarah's Official website ( ) for Sarah's Birthday she came up with the idea of a live video chat. Just in case you missed it here is the information:

She is 46 years old, she will be 47 on 14th August.
Lots of things make Sarah laugh. Her niece makes her laugh, getting up in the morning and thinking of the night before also makes her laugh and going out with her friends and having fun makes her laugh too.
She is learning to play the Celtic harp.
She loves the Classical composer Rachmaninov because he's so romantic.
The song most special to her is TTSG.
One day she is going to sing in Chinese.
She takes care of her voice by not smoking, not too much alcohol, not too many parties, lots of rest and as little stress as possible. Her family helps her with all of this.
She keeps all of her costumes in a big hall in London.
Sarah's Top Secret: Sarah is very shy.
She loves her album La Luna. Her album Eden is very personal to her because she was really involved in making it, and it's her most precious and favourite. She said Harem was very fun to do.
She finds her inspiration by the way she feels and the changes in her life mostly.
She practices on a single note each day.
She doesn't think age is important. She says it all has to do with enjoying life.
Sarah came up with the idea of live chat. She wanted to talk to everybody. She says when she is on tour in daily life there isn't much time for the fans.
She thinks the whole world is beautiful and loves to travel.
Sarah's three wishes: Enough food for everyone, a home for everyone, everyone to be looked after and get medical care.
Her favourite venue is the Miami venue.

Thank-you to Olivia for giving me the information.

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