LIL Romeo

Don't hate because I look better than Romeo.

Father and son how cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Romeo

Best Pals Forever.

LIL Romeo you are so fine!!!

Ahh!! My Boo is cute!!

Don't Hate Because I look Better than your Daddy and Your Brother!

He was cute than and he is still cute know!!

Don't hate me cause i'm fine.

Bow-Wow let me tell you something you know Romeo is going to beat you up.

That's a good looking picture.

Think of me and you togther!

Work your sexy body.

You are so sexy and take it all off.

You took a picture.

I see you like the Sixers number 3.

I See Why they call you lil Romeo but i am going to call you big Romeo.

You look sexy every time.

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LIL Romeo (Music)    -    Author : Ariyel - USA

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