Rebelde fans must come here!

If you have decided to visit this page you made a great choice! This is for everyone who love's Rebelde as much as I do!!!!!! So enjoy the pics I got and every week there will be a new fact that I promise to post for all you fans. Don't forget to sign up for My fan club you won't be disapointed. love you all and stay cool!

Who loves Alfonso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you tired yet well you still have a few more to go!

Okay she is apart of the novela not the group but hey a picture is still a picture!

I like Maite better than Anahi and Dulce why? I don't know

That's it for this week and if your wondering why I haven't posted the weekly fact just remember that I got all these pictures and that takes a while but you can definitely depend on next week. Any questions or comments feel free to tell my fan club. Don't forget to sign up and DO NOT write any bad comments please.

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