Everything Chris Brown- Bow wow- Romeo-T.I.

Chris Brown
birthday- May 5th 1989
Food- Chocolate
Drink- Sprite and Gatorade
football team- Atlanta Falcons
basketball team- Miami Heat

[picture not found]

bow wow
birthday- march 9 1987
candy- starburst and skittles
drink- sprite
home town- columbus ohio
lives in- Atlanta Georgia
status- single
once with ciara but they broke up

The animated Bow Wow

Dont take this pic
[picture not found]

dad- Master p
show- Romeo Show
Beef- with Bow wow
Favorite drink- Sprite
home town - New Orlenans

Too young but too cute

The best rapper in the world.
Lives in- ATL
stars in the movie- ATL
Cd- King
Beef with- Lil Flip
he is the king of the south

Dis is the sexiest pic

[picture not found]

the one with the chris brown shirt on is me and the other girl is my best friend the one that is standing next to me is my brother and the other boy is my bestfriends brother.

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