Rihanna fans!

Hello to all you Rihanna fans! This is a website about Rihanna and you will love it if you love her! Here are some facts about here:

Name: Rihanna
Date of birth:Febuary 20th 1988
Born: Barbados
Nationality: Bajan/Guyanese
Education: Combermere High school
Occupation: Singer
Height: 5'10''
Current Residence:New York
Siblings: 2 younger brothers,ages 15 and 9
Favorite movie:Napoleon Dynamite
Free time:Shopping
Always has to have: Her cell phone
Favorite song:Let me

If Rihanna wasn't a singer she would go into psychology.
Rihanna moved to the states to start an acting career but, she is focusing on her music now.
Rihanna doesnt like dishonest people.
Her favorite line from the song "You Dont Love Me (No, No, No)" is "Well I used to buy your lies but its time for me to sale now"
She has a crush on Wentworth Miller

This is Rihanans Puppy aww!

This is rihanna Possing for her cd pictures

This is Rihanna at a Party!

This is Rihanna at a Kids choice award Party!

This is Rihanna at a concert

This is Rihanna at a concert dancing!

Well thats all the pictures I am going to download for now but if you have any more great pictures of rihanna or any questions or comments email me at!

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