Omarion Born To Be A Singer
Real Name: Omari Ishmeal Grandberry
Birth Date: November 12, 1985
Stage Name: Omarion
Born In: Inglewood, California
Relatives in the music Industry: Marques Houston, O'Ryan
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food To Make: Burrito's
Hobby: Singing
Movies: You Got Served, You Got Served 2, Proud Family Movie premieres
this friday on disney channel at 8.00pm. and The House.
Character Roles In You Got Served: David.
Character Role in Proud Family Movie: 15 Cent
Album: O-In Stores Now
Gold represents the talent he always puts into his music which makes people
go crazy.


Do you ever wonder about celebrities best friends. well
rapper/actor bow wow just admits at the annual BET Awards
that they are very close. Do you think that there friendship
would go on good or bad describing them two as being in the same video
called"Let Me Hold You". E-mail me and maybe i will put your response on the web Thank you.
Also Singer/Actor omarion had throat surgery also.
To show him the support send it to me as i will
write it out on the web to show how much you care.

New News Week Began: July 15,2005
Thank You
Some people are thinking will B2k ever get back together again.
Well with the money omarions making i surley dont think so.
Do you think they will get back together yes or no?
Please enter your comments at my E-mail address.

Omarion Girls That showed support.
Kiara From Kiara
Tamyra Johnson From
News Week Response:They should not be together
because Omarion is so thin and small and while
raven is the total opposite and thats not right.
Secret Weekend

Here's a secret you guys dont or might not
have known about Omarion about but Omarion
thinks hes a chef and that he can cook only
one think and heres the clue below:

When you bite into it it has alot of sauce
When omarions in the kitchen he thinks hes the boss
You can put many toppings like tomatoes or cheese
When you taste this deleciouse food you'd want the recipe.
Its rapped around like a crust like pizza
you would want to eat it bad they would wanna meet ya
maybe they could eat it with you to
thats it thats the clue thats all im going to give you.

The Correct Answer Is: Burrito as you know the clue was
giving on the top of this web. This question was answered

Do You Think That Omarion Will Make A Good Relationship
Between Himself And Raven Symone From Thats So Raven On
Disney Channel.
ok this may seem strange but i think that omarion and raven are dating. No they
not i say to myself.We'll it could be true. I really cant think that they make
a good couple. I dont think that B2K will get back together becuae they are doing there own thing and having fun with it.I also wanted to say that i hope your surgery goes well.I pray for you all night because i know your hurt.
As you know i am one of your biggest fans.I support you in every kind of way i can.I buy all your things of yours so can you please pon this one from your #1 fan.

Left: Brad Right: Benicio


Omari Fan Club Listings:
I really like Omarion and once we meet we would
be good together.We both are soul mates which means
we were meant to be.It will be like love at first sight
because we would look good togetherand hopefully he will
realize that once when we get to meet.

I luv you Omarion no matter what! i buy all your stuff.
You are the best out of B2K. I really think that B2K are not
going to get back together becuase my baby made it big Time!
He has alot of video's out now! He does not need them but no
disrespect to B2K either.I like every member in that group.
Omarion no matter what ever happens to you( I dont want anything
to happen)I will always be ya #1 fan. Thanks for everybody who gave support throughout the struggle he's gone through such as
B2k breaking up and that horrible surgery. I LUV YOU OMARI

Hey Iyana Dis is Kiara I wanna be Omarion and Bow wows Gurl so
badd..... cause both of em is so fine and no omarion is not
dating raven..... He is single.......... but bow wow is dating
ciara isan't they so cute together.

Dont worry O because you was the best looking one and the best period
in B2K so what ever they say brush it off ya shoulders.

I think that Bow Wow and ciara should break up and come to me
because im his number #1 fan. That also goes to omarion.
Sorry Ladies he's taken.
News Week

Omarion was in London for the Live 8 Concert.
And while he was their terrorists bombed up
London. Omarion quoted that he hope his fans
pray for him and we'll we all wish him the
best of luck.

Scream Tour 4 Out Now!

Omarion and his half brother made an production
called the Franchise Boyz. They will be making
movies together as well as you got served.
Do You Think Your The One For Omarion.
Visit this site to see are you 2 compatable. Good Luck

Match yourself with Bow Wow

Do you think your compatable wit Nick Cannon
Test your compatibility

Do you think your compatable wit Li'l Fizz
Test your compatability

Do you think you are compatable wit Li'l Wayne
Test your compatability

News Week

To upload your cell phone with a new single of Omarions latest album 21
You can download his new single entourage on your t-moblie phone by going to betmobile NOW. Catch Omarion in Cuts on thursdays with his brother marques houston on upn 9 only at 9Pm.
Okay Rumor has it that Omarion and Raven Never went out.
Eventually raven says that her and omarion are good friends and nothing more.
Omarion says he is single and loving it.
Were they just leading people on or what?
I thought they would make a cute couple and well so did everyone else.
But hey i dont make it up i just report it.

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