My boo Patrick da best one outta B5
hey wasup yall are at my Patrick blog.He is so adorable and he is my fave member of B5 be sure to sign my guest book before u leave.Hope u like it

Name:Patrick Owen Breeding
Birthday:September 19,1990
Fave Color:Black
Fave Food:Japanese Steakhouse
Fave Movie:Dodgeball
Some other faves:Basketball,Jet Skiing,Motorcycles,Back Flips,Video Games,Bowling

i luv this pic its my fave

soooo fine

All I Do

How you doin
You know i've been seeing you from across the room and you know
I just need your attention for a few minutes
Is that cool wit you
Yeah, ight, check it, listen

I can't wait to get to school each day
And wait for you to pass my way
And bells start to ring
And angel starts to sing
Hey thats the girl for you
So what are you gonna do
Hey little girl I love you (B5: I love you so)
Woah woah woah woah

All I do is think of you
Day and night (Patrick:Day and night thats all I do)
I can't get you out my mind
Think about all the time (Patrick: all the time)
All the time

I begin to take the long way home
Just so I can be alone
To think of how to say
That my heart is here to stay
Hey I'm in love with you
I think the world of you
So won't you please
Please be mine


OHHO(Patrick: Yeah)
All the time day and night
All day

You know what girl
I'm in love
I can say it
Yeah I ain't scared I, I, I'm in love
People tell me I'm too young to be in love
I know what I'm feeling
And this is real
I don't know what it is
But I can't stop thinking about you


I think about you all time
Day and night baby
Oh ho

I can't get you out
I don't wan't you out
I just want you in my life
All I do is think about you day and night
I can't even sleep (Bryan: without you in my life)
Woah woah woah woah


All I do is think of you
Morning when I rise
When I sleep at night
Day and night
I can't get you out
My mind
All I do
I don't want to

Every thing in my life
All the time

awwwww he was so cute
[picture not found]

he look like a girl there but he still cute

U Got Me

B5 (the next generation)
Worldwide ( Corner Boys)
Bad Boy Baby
As we Proceed to give you what you need
The empire strikes back
C'mon Man!

It's the way that you touch me
You let me know that you love me
(Oh Yeah)
and the way that you kiss me
You let me know that you miss me
And nobody's gonna take me from you

You got, you got, you got me
Going crazy I'm caught up
I don't know what to do
You got, you got, you got me
(All you gotta do is) call me
I'll be there in a hurry baby

You make me feel special
I'm on top of the world when I'm next to you
I just wanna caress you(you)
I love all the things that you do
I'm right here I ain't going no where cause


I know it's hard for you to see, for you to see (to see), for you to see
That girl you're the only one for me. You got me yeah.

[Kelly's Rap]
I'm clean from my feet up
Check my jeans and my sneakers
Flee from the scene like a cheetah
Then I come right back with love
Matter fact I'ma back you up
Its not a act so
Don't try to act like
You don't wanna act right
Looking for me in the daytime with a flashlight
I'm not a half pint
More like a liter
I'll leave you my phone number and I'll see you when i see you
More charming than Mike Sever
I'm either that hottest dude spittin
Or Ya'll dudes is trippin
And a lot thugs chase the bus
But I ain't press on a bird
Can't nobody break us up
Cause now you got me
You can spend 100 thou with papi
Automobiles or the Kawasaki sent
We a team till the death
And I wanna be your homeboy, your boyfriend, your boo, and your best friend
You got me


dey both look sexy

Teacher's Pet

Can i be your teacher's Pet

(verse 1 patrick)
It was just another
Monday, can't wait for this day to end,yeah
I was walking down the, hallway
To class but as I walk in
That's when I saw this girl
So beautiful,
From her head to cuticles,
but what i didn't know was,
See this girl that, Had me at a breath,
was a substitute I guess,
cuz she told me take my desk

There goes my heart,
I guess we were meant to be apart
I'll have to show her that i'm more than smart
(give her a love she cant forget If i could be her teachers pet.)

Chorus:If I could only have one chance(to show you that I understand what it takes to be your man)
SO baby please come take my hand,(we could keep it on the low, girl nobody has to know)
If I could only be with you
(anything you wanna do, I'm not afraid to try with you)
I may be young but you can bet
(you can give me any test if i could be your teachers pet)

As she was writing on the chalkboard,
what I saw, made a playas eye sore,
I know, theres noway I can shake these,
cant take these
(Caught up in the matrix)
When your dress fits, firmly on your waist,
Make that coca cola shape,
Make me wanna get a taste
As soon as the bell rings
(i know)
I know I gotta let you go
I just cant let you go,
My feelins are outta control

I been a bad boy,Detention with you is somethin I'd enjoy.
Give me your lesson plan girl i'll pass your course.
I promise that you wont regret makin me your teachers pet


I said hold up miss said where you think u goin?
Cuz I wanna go too
You know your too young for me
Aw c'mon baby, age aint nothin but a
numba so tell me what you goin do
You tryin to go to the office?
If its for you,
Boy u so crazy
Only for you, I really wanna be your man,
Why won't you give me a Chance?


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