B5, MH, Lil Fizz,Omarion, etc

What'z good? I'm Jillian aka JJ. I'm 13 yearz ol' & live n DC. I made diz webbie thang 2show u all da boiz of da muzik industry. So sit baque, relax, n enjooooy. :)

Diz iz B5. I luv dey songz. Dey did da hit songz Dance 4 U, U Got Me, All I Do, Who'z Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, Teacher'z Pet, & Get'Cha Head In the Game.

Name: Dustin Michael Breeding
Age: 17 goin' on 18
B-Day: October 4th, 1988
Fav. Color: Baby Blue
**He'z da oldest brother n da group.**

Name: Kelly Allen Breeding
Age: 17
B-Day: February 27th, 1989
Fav. Color: Yellow
**Kelly iz da 2nd oldest & da rapper of da group.**

Name: Patrick Owen Breeding
Age: 15 goin' on 16
B-Day: September 19th, 1990
Fav. Color: Blaque
**He iz da main singer of da group & iz da middle child.**

Name: Carnell Frederick Breeding
Age: 14 goin' on 15
B-Day: November 30th, 1991
Fav. Color: Red
**He iz da soprano of da group & iz da 4th oldest.**

Name: Bryan Jesse Breeding
Age: 11 goin' on 12
B-Day: October 14th, 1994
Fav. Color: Orange
**He doez da adlibz & iz da baby of da group.**

Diz iz Onnie. He'z an up cummin' rapper from da ATL. Hiz webbie iz Go check him out. U can join or start an Onnie street team near u by handin' out flyerz 2 support diz very very VERY fine boi.

The story of ONNIE is a truly remarkable one. He is not just another kid rapper, Onnie is the new millennium’s super artist. Along side Bow Wow & Lil’ Romeo, Onnie proved that a substantial market still exist for clean-cut pre-teen rappers with cute looks, and PG –rated rhymes. This Atlanta, Georgia, native is known for rapping hot bars of pure rhyme-sharper, and faster that rappers from both the old, and new school. Though he’s only 15. Onnie is a veteran in the rap game. At 12, the young rapper has created a name for himself along with a huge following of teen fans.

ONNIE has performed for numerous Talent Showcases such as Atlanta’s V103’s Children Talent Showcase. Talent Showcase, and Hip-Hop Documentary at Village Hut just to name a few, and he always come to the top winner.

Since then, ONNIE has open up, and even was the featured artist foe several concerts. Such as the Auburn Fest Concert 2001 & 2002. Marcus Garvey Benefit, and V103’s 2002 Jingle Jam at the Georgia International Convention Center as the featured artist, Vibe/Dirito’s Chris Brown& T Payne Show in Atlanta, Spring Bling Daytona Beach, and just recently ONNIE was featured in Country Boy video with Tyra.

“He reminds people of a young Usher”, of his 14 year-old charge. He was so mature when it came to his work, but when he was off the stage he was 100% child. ONNIE is a real true teenager but when it’s time to work he transforms into a true performer. He’s one of those gifted children.

ONNIE is very gifted he also takes Drama classes outside of his music career, so expect big things to come from ONNIE The executives at Jumo-Mecca Entertainment Group have penned Profanity-free lyrics from ONNIE, they want ONNIE to represent as the next young black superstar.

It’s a Throne ONNIE is willing, ready, and able to accept. With his neat appearance, and long wavy hair, he’s got the Hip-Hop superstar look down pat. His upbeat tracks will have people bopping their heads, and bouncing from the beginning to end. One listen to ONNIE is sure to let people know there’s a new superstar in the making.

Bio Courtesy of Jumo-Mecca Entertainment Group.

Diz iz DEM FRANCHiZE BOYZ! I know I luvved I Think They Like Me and Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It. Thoze r mah theme songz! *lmao* check dey webbie out. It'z tight!

Diz iz Parlae.

Diz Iz Jizzal Man.

Diz Iz Pimpin'.

Diz Iz Buddie.

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