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This is my site About Bryan,Kelly,Patrick,Dustin,and Bryan from B5.
Enjoy the Pics and info.

Kelly Breeding

Birthday : February 27th

Favorite color : Yellow

Hobbies: Sports, acrobatics, and video games.

Age: 15

Birthplace: Liberal, Kansas

Hometown: Atlanta ,Georgia

Favorite Food: Philly Cheesecake sandwiches

Favorite Movie: Chronicles of Riddick

Favorite Music Artist(s): Outkast, Jay-Z, Linkin Park , Snoop Dogg


* Kelly is the second oldest brother/member of B5 !

* He loves to freestyle raps , and write (songs)

* His love of street gymnastics is evident in his on stage performances

Bryan Jesse Breeding

Age : 11

Birthplace: Liberal , Kansas

Birth Date: October 14th

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Movie: SpiderMan 2

Favorite Music Artist(s): P.Diddy, Destiny's Child , Mario

Hometown: Atlanta

Favorite Color: Orange

Hobbies: Drawing , skating , and video games

* Bryan is the youngest brother in B5.

*He may be small in stature , but he is big in personality carrying the group to a HIGHER level.

Carnell Breeding

Age: 14

Birthplace: Bridgeport,Ct

Birth Date : November 30th

Hometown : Atlanta

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Movie: Incredibles

Favorite Music Artist(s): Usher , P. Diddy , Jay-Z , and Linkin Park

Hobbies: Camping , Basketball , and video games

Carnell along with his brothers have more than eight years experience in the industry.

He is the Soprano of the group that lends smooth tones and harmonies to B5's distinctive sound

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