alternative... music cn say more than words!

anouk (everything, nobody's wife)
ash (walking barefoot)
badly drawn boy
beatsteaks (hand in hand, I don't care as long as you sing, what's coming over you, let it in, hello joe)
ben harper (sexual healing..)
billy talent (try honesty)
bush (swallowed)
cat power
cocorosie (noah's ark)
coldplay (a message, the hardest part, yellow, green eyes, the 3 albums)
cranberries (zombie, dreams, just my imagination,…)
damien rice (cannonball) (!)
eels (dog faced boy, thats not raelly funny)
eagle eye cherry (save tonight)
foo figthers (times like these, another round, cold day in the sun)
die ärzte (die banane, 1/2 Lovesong)
foolsgarden (lemon tree)
greenhorses (there is an end)
heather nova (river of live)
hund am strand (jungen und mädchen, ein neues lies, erklär mir die welt)
Incubus (megalomaniac, drive, warning)
jack johnson (flake, banana pancakes :) -> luc)
jet (are you gonna be my girl?)
jimmy eat world (!)
kerosin (catch me)
kings of the convenience (Quiet Is The New Loud)
kettcar (48 stunden, balu, einer, deiche, anders als gedacht) (!)
lamb (trans fatty acid, heaven)
lenny krevitz (fly away)
mars volta
mando diao (mr moon, down in the past, god knows)
minus five (submachine girl)
morcheeba (wonders never cease)
mr. airplane man (how long)
muse (ashamed, nature 1)
nada surf (always love, blonde on blonde, in the mirror) (!)
nine inch nails (hurt)
nirvana (about a girl, polly, smells like teen spirit, all apologies (!), dumb, pennyroyal tea, the man who sold the world)
nova international (the summer we had)
oasis (wonderwall)
(over the rainbow)
perfect circle (passive)
pink floyd
pixies (where is my mind?)
powderfinger (!) (my happyness, sunsets, on my mind..)
radiohaed (Karma Police, green eyes…)
red hot chilli peppers (by the way, under the bridge, califorication, around the world)
roman fischer (we'll never know you)
ryan adams (wonderwall cover, new album!)
smashing pumpkins (today)
spoon (everything hits at once)
sportfreunde stiller (laut anhören, frühling, siehst du das genauso?, ein kompliment)
sigur ròs
staind (so far)
stereophonics (since i told you it's over)
stina nordenstam
supergrass (beautiful people)
the arcade fire (rebellion, wake up)
the crash (shine)
the doors
the greenhornes
the hives (two timing touch and broken bones, walk idiot walk)
the international noise conspiracy
the killers
the kooks (sofa song)
the magic numbers (hymn for her, i see you you see me)the offspring (gone away)
the shins
the strokes (reptillia, between love and hate)
the sunday drivers (my mind, ...) thx nager :)
the white stripes (!!) simply the best! (jolene, we are going to be friends, blue orchid, fell in love with a girl, the air near my fingers, truth doesn't make a noise, I'm bound to pack it up, ..)
tocotonic (jackpot, freiburg, hi freaks, best of album!)
train (drops of jupiter)
tom mcrae (all maps welcome)
tomte (das war ich, ich sang die ganze zeit von dir)
travis (walking in the sun, sing, flowers in the window, writing to reach you, why does it always rain on me?)
the vines
weezer (island in the sun)
wilco (jesus etc, how to fight loneliness)
yann tiersen (valse d'amelie, sur le fil, une comptine d ete,..)
music makes people come together!
sing when you need it :)
"Können Sie Klavier spielen?" "Weiß nicht, mal versuchen."

musik... *das geräusch das denkt!

and i don't care as long as you sing
and i don't care as long as we swing
and i don't care as long as you sing

i get everything right and i want you to
get everything right
i'm not playing rude
i get everything right
get up and swing

you make me sing
But if you sing, sing, sing, sing sing
For the love you bring won’t mean a thing
Unless you sing, sing, sing

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