~All You Need To Know About Bryan Breeding~

Thankz for coming by to see my new Bryan Breeding blog. Have you seen my last 4 blogs? If not then go n check them out "Patrick,Dustin,Kelly,and Carnell" They are titled the same they just have their names in it! Well when u come by here it may not be done but please enjoy what u see..alright..thankz!
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Sing it lil B

Lean like a pimp

Yummy mommy

OMG i felt so bad for my lil cutie pie when he said this..lolz..But ya know he just gotta brush his sholder off and keep movin

Name: Bryan Jesse Breeding

Age: 11

Birthplace: Liberal,Kansas

Birth Date: October 14,1994

Hometown: Atlanta,Ga

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Movie: Spiderman 2

Favorite Music Artists: P.Diddy,Destiny's Child,and Mario

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Personality: Funny,outgoing,smart and nice

Type of girl: Smart,Pretty,sweet,loves video games and someone to chill with

How Many Siblings: 4

Status: Single and looking for someone nice

Zodiac Sign: Lebra

Left or right handed: Right

Postion in Family: 5th(last cutie)

Nicknames: Lil B, Cutie with the bootie, Lil Pimp and Lil Jordan

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Food at an amusement park: turkey legs,cotton candy, and candy apples

AwWwW..he looks so innocent



Cant get enough of his face

Uh Huh i know u likin my fur coat

Pimpin in a Safari outfit..lolz

Sportin da YANKEES Jacket all da way!! (2005 Birthday)

~Bryan's Amusement Park Interview~

Interiviewer: What is your most memorable back-2-school moment, and why?

Bryan:I knew everyone in school,so I wasnt scared,so I just had fun.

Interviewer: What is your favorite subject in school,and why?

Bryan:I like math,because its easy for me.

Interviewer: What is your least favorite school subject,and why?

Bryan:I dont like history,even though,I enjoy learning how it all started

Interviewer: What advice would you give a person who fears the first day jitters?

Bryan: I would say just be yourself and dont worry about what people think. You will find a friend

Interviewer: What snack(s) do you enjoy eating, while studing and why?

Bryan: I enjoy eating chips and drinking soda. Why, because they are good and filling.

Interviewer: What postive message would you give the Faces readers on embarking on a new year at school?

Bryan: I would say,try the best you can in school and reach your goals. Good luck!

Yep this IS Bryan's car..he's going to drive his lucky gf in this when he gets his driving

This award goes to Bryan Breeding for being oh so CUTE to make this site so cute!

Thankz for coming to my Bryan Breeding Blog! I hope you enjoyed what you saw. I may be putting up some more Bryan pics. But for now this is all. Also remember if you havent already seen his brothers pages"Patrick,Dustin,Carnell and Kelly" then please go n check them out.

REMEMBER please be looking out for the whole B5 blog! It is going to be cool! Thankz alot and please leave me some comments in the forum!

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[picture not found]

Bryan: I truly appreciate you making this blog for me
Candace: lolz..yea i know u luv me for it

Lol..naw im messin wit yal!

That's why we call him lil Pimp..lolz

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