~All You Need To Know About Carnell Breeding~

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3 cute faces

He sure is

Oh So cute cute

What you eatin now boy?

A dyme piece

Name: Carnell Fredrick Breeding

Age: 14

Birthplace: Bridgeport, CT

Birth Date: November 30th 1991

Hometown: Atlanta,Ga

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Movie: Incredibles

Favorite Music Artists: Usher,P.Diddy,Jay-Z,and Linkin Park

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Personality: Shy one,nice,and funny

Type of girl: Smart,nice,pretty,caring,and understanding

How Many Siblings: 4

Status: Single and looking for someone to chill and have fun with

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Left or Right handed: Right

Position in Family: 2nd to last child(4th)

Hobbies: Singing,Dancing,Acrobatics,and Playing Video games

Nicknames: Cnellz,Cnelly,Pimpin C,and Carnell lisiuous

Favorite Food: SeaFood

Favorite Food to eat at an amusement park: Asian and Italian

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Who's Carnell's Baby Grl? Say something bout u likin Cnelly in the forum and I will put your name under here..make sure u put your age..and state.

@ Scream Tour 4

nope he's just his mama's babi..lolz

Wat it do?...

~Carnell's Amusement Park Interview~

Interiviewer: What is your most memorable back-2-school moment, and why?

Carnell: When I knew like everyone there and getting to meet my new friends is always is fun!

Interviewer: What is your favorite subject in school,and why?

Carnell: I enjoy learning about history, because you learn how and what they did back in the olden days!

Interviewer: What is your least favorite school subject,and why?

Carnell: I dont enjoy science,because i have to learn sodium and other things that seem senceless unless your a scientist (Ha Ha Ha)

Interviewer: What advice would you give a person who fears the first day jitters?

Carnell: Well, I dont know....I would say be scared, but be yourself! You'll get through it and make some new friends. try saying,"hi" to alot of people and see who smiles when you say it just think, if you say "hi" to a boy, he could be your next boyfriend! Good luck!

Interviewer: What snack(s) do you enjoy eating, while studing and why?

Carnell: I like animal crackers,chips,butterfingers,and more!

Interviewer: What postive message would you give the Faces readers on embarking on a new year at school?

Carnell: Well try the best you can in school and reach for your goals! Do all your homework and follow directions from your teachers.

Wanna play some B-ball?
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How Can u not?

Yep i know all u lil fans out there are in luv with this lil cutie!

But i dont blame u..

Yea uh huh i understand...

Yep u know he fione

NO!! For all you people that say that carnell has a different daddy..Well guess what he doesnt he has the same dad as the rest of his 4 brothers!!!! if you come by and someone try to out tell you and tell you that Carnell has a different daddy well he doesnt!! ok..thankz!

THANKZ! for coming by to visit my Carnell Breeding blog. I hope you liked my blog! Please keep your eye out for my Bryan Breedin blog. And REMEMBER if you havent already seen my last 3 blogs"Patrick,Dustin and Kelly" then please go n check them out..they are titled the same they are just with their names in it!

also REMEMBER if you want your name under that Carnell's Baby Girl then go leave something in the forum and say that u luv or like or w/e bout Carnell,dont forget to leave your name,age,and USA(or country)! Alright PcE

Smile for me daddy!

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