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Twelve-year-old Tré aka Lil' Tré, Selsum Records child prodigy, recently celebrated his birthday, but one of his biggest presents was learning that his debut single, "That Girl," is one of the biggest sleepers in the South.

According to Billboard Magazine, Tré is the "fastest growing new artist" on the Billboard charts, moving from #4 to the #3 position on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Single Sales and from #13 to the #10 position on the Hot 100 Single Sales in the July 30, 2005 issue of the magazine, after debuting on the charts less than six weeks ago.

In recent weeks Tré, who was born in Houston but now resides in Atlanta with his parents, has found himself opening various shows for teen act B5, Mario, Marcus Houston and others; headlining at New York's Apollo Theater; meeting his idol Bow Wow and selling out records at the FYE record store chain.

Tré's father, Joe a/k/a Simply (former lead singer for Atlantic Record act "Groove You") is a songwriter/producer and his mother Tangela (who was an on the air personality at radio station KTOY-FM, Texarkana, TX for six years), heads the label for which he records.

Tré is currently on a mini-promotional tour throughout various regions all over the U.S., performing live and visiting countless record stores and radio stations. Demand for this singer, whose debut album "Music In Me" will be released in September, remains heavy and with the onslaught of fan frenzy at each of his in-store appearances, extra security has been needed for the pint-sized entertainer.

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SelSum Records artist, Tré a/k/a Lil Tré, is still hitting em hard on the Billboard charts, in the record stores and on stage as he continues to make big strides on all three fronts. His second single release, Baby Girl, from the forthcoming CD Music in Me, is proving to be the right follow up to his first single release That Girl.

I used to love Bryan from B5 and I still do but part of my heart now loves Lil Tre.I would put my picture up but yall know people getting killed and stuff so NO!

Here are some pictures of my new boo Lil Tre. He is so fine aint he.
Shout out to Lynette for sending me this message...
10/10-Very Good

Here is the message...

Your blog was nice and cool. You are right il tre does look like bow wow. I am 11 so instead of crushing on bow wow someone I know I will never have a chance with I can crush on Lil Tre. I wont steal any of your things unless I ask you. I also checked out that website you recommened I really like that cool animation thing that he has when it first come on. I love is music he can really sing. On it saids that he cds are only sold at FYE stores. I have no Idea where one those are. My favorite song is Baby Girl just like yours. On it doesnt say that any of his cds will be sold here in maryland. So I sent selsum records a letter telling them to send his cds to Maryland. I really like that pictre that him and bow wow took that my wall paper. I also printed it out and taped it in my locker. I am so happy you made a blog about him.

More pictures will be coming. Yall know yall want some of my boo Lil Tre but yall cant have him because he is mine. Plz do not still my pictures. If I see a blog with these pictures I am going in your guestbook and a write some mean things. I usually wouldnt do that because I am nice, smart, cute, and popular. I believe I am the only girl on here with a blog about him. If you want to listen to his music go to I will try to put his music on my blog.

He and bow wow met before but for some reason my computer wont let me put that on my blog. If you do want to see this picture go to and go to gallery. The picture should be in there.Let me know if its not because I am still trying to put that picture but its comiing.

Lil Tre and Bow Wow. They are so cute and they look alike all them young girls 12 or younger should be crushing on Lil Tre because they look just alike. Lil Tre sings and Bow Wow raps.
[picture not found]

This is my name.


Lil Tre

Read this is very important to me.

Read this is very important to me.

Read this is very important to me.

Peace Out Lynette.
I changed my email address If you want to send me something send it to I also have another blog. This blog is underneath my nick name. My other blog is called Lil Tre, Bow Wow, Lil JJ, Khleo Thomas, and B5. Those are the hot boys I am crazy over right now.

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