~All You Need To Know About Dustin Breeding~

Thankz For Stopping By To My Dustin Breeding Blog. I didnt have as many Dustin pics as i had Patrick pics...but i hoped you enjoyed your visit to my blog!

Thankz for coming by my NEW Dustin blog..i just got through with my Patrick one..if you havent already seen it please go by and look @ is titled the same as this one..except it had his name in it..lolz..Buttum i hope you guys enjoy this blog as well!
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Please Keep This Blog Clean. For Anyone that likes to say rude things,then those people can leave. But Thankz for the ones who are mature enough to handle my blog cleanly. Remember Keep this blog HATER FREE!!
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p.s. Im not tryna say there are any haters but there are alot of people that like to say rude things!

Wazz ^..come give papa a huge


Yep u know dats true!

He just wants to look straight into your eyes

You know im fly a lil embarrassed

Full Name: Dustin Micheal Breeding

Age: 18

Birthplace: St. Pertersburg, FL

Birth Date: October 8, 1988

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga

Favorite Color: Baby Blue

Favorite Movie: Hero

Favorite Music Artists: T.I.,8Ball & MJG, Lil John & Eastside Boyz,and Ciara

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Personality: Very Outgoing, Funny, nice and smart

Type of girl: nice,smart,romantic,and pretty(or course)

How Many Siblings: 4

Status: Single and looking for the one special girl

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Left or Right Handed: Right Handed

Postion in the Family: Eldest (Oldest)

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Bowling,and Acrobatics

NickNames: Ddimples(i made ^ this one),Dizzy,Dunkalisious(make ^ this one too),and ddouble(made dis one ^ also)

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Food at an amusement park: Turkey Legs

~Dustin's Amusement Park Interview~

Interviwer: What is your favorite ride at an amusement park,and why?

Dustin: My Favorite ride is the Superman at Six Flags.

Let me sing a lil for ya

Huh wat chu say?

Ya know how a playa do

Dont know dis lil grl in da pic..butterum all u obbessed Dustin luvers..ya take a look @ her...lolz

What it do..

Dont know this lil girl right here neither but she need to move right on over..lolz..just messin!

can you say SLAM DUNK!!!!!

Sign it for me babi

Cant Get Enough Of His Faces

Thankz for coming by please be looking out for my next blog..which might be the Kelly blog..Alright..PcE


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