Headman Cem Karaca (April 5, 1945 - February 8, 2004), Turkish musician. Is one of the most important artists of Turkish music. Anatolia is one of the founders of rock type. This group of applications, many styles of music (Apaşlar, Brothers, Mongols and Dervişan) worked, was the founder and director of the cult has created a strong rock. Turkish lyrics and disarming the people of Anatolian rock music introducing the most important artist. Issues of social and political content of the Works of değinmesiyle Khan assumed greater responsibilities, the original style of the legendary rock artist of the Anatolian.

Baris Manco (b. January 2, 1943, Istanbul - d. February 1, 1999, Istanbul, Turkey), Turkish singer, composer, songwriter and producer of the TV program. One of the pioneers of rock music in Turkey, the Anatolian Rock is considered among the founders of its kind. Galatasaray High School, was the beginning of the music. In college, he completed the Royal Academy of Belgium. He composed over 200 songs, he won 12 gold awards and one platinum album and cassette. Then a portion of these songs in Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, French, Hebrew, English, Japanese and Greek, and we Baris Manco, who took the everyday life of songs. "Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant," is an example. Preparation of the television program, went to many countries in the world, so the "Peace Chalabi was named"

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