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B5 Pics.

Alrite yall as promised look at it all betchu aint seen thouse huh ? lol well come on sing the fourm n the guest book . alrite bye !

hey you gase i hope u enjoyd all of this cuz its all for yall ! when i do a new blog any blog u know its ganna be new fresh info n pics . I was soooooooooo stressed cuz i coudent find any picz. n i felt like i was disapointing some poeple . n i coudent find non all i could do is stare the un finished - posted - blog . i had tons of pics but there all 2 big or cant be posted . trust me i have 500- 650 pics of B5 . lol . yea thats alot . n well i finoly did it i finshed it !YAY !

well if you would like too borow any of this pics for ur site or blog just e-mail me at okay n give me credit for it .

N if you have any pics or info ud like for me too post i gladly will just e-mail me n ull get full credit .

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B5s Best Sites - B5 Pics. 2 - By *ajay-mari* *~*~Brand New Pics*~*~ (Music)    -    Author : *ajay-mari* - USA

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