vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale!!!!

ashley tisdale

ashley tisdale
she is really cool she stars in th movie high school musical and stars in a program on disney channel called suite life of zac and cody as maddie. She has a dog named blondie and is friends with vanessa hudgens miley cyrus etc.She loves pizza and sushi and her favourite colour is pink.Her natural hair colour is actuley brown but dyed it blonde for high school musical.

see if your more like vanessa or ashley by taking this quiz get a pen and some paper and write down your answer either a or b at the end see if you got mostly a or b very easy!!! get invited to a really fun party when you get there the person speaking through the micro phone yells now everybody dance!!! do you...

A.jump up off your seat and start jumping around

B.go find your friends first to see if they want to dance

2.your new at a school and you try to make friends who do you go to first to be your friend..

A.the most popular and fun kids in the school.

b.the nice friendly smart maths girl who is a bit shy.

3.your mother drops you off at school and says give me a hug do you...

A.give her a quick hug feeling a bit embarresed

B. give your mum a nice friendly hug saying see ya love you!!!

4.your at school and your eating lunch you accidently drop somthing down the front of your nice white shirt do you...

A.get so upset and ask if you can call your mum to bring you another one or...

B.not really worry although you are upset you just cover it by putting on your cardie or jacket you dont think that your mother should have to come all the way up to the school just because of a top!!!

if you got mostly A's this means your confident and fun just like ashley tisdale your very confident and love to just get up and go crazy on the dance floor!!!

if you got mostly b's this means your a bit shy kind,caring sweet and love to dance if your friends are right there beside you of cause!!!

this is the program called the suite life life of zac and cody that ashley tisdale stars in she plays maddie she is in the middle and zac and cody are the two boys on the sides
FUN FACT!!! vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale both have nicknames vanessa's nickname is baby v and ashley's nickname is blondie.

vanessa hudgens
this is what the cover of vanessa's c.d looks like cool aye!!!

vanessa hudgens
vanessa hudgens is also very cool her favourite colour is bright bright bright red!!! she is friends with ashley tisdale miley cyrus etc. she has a sister called stella her full name is vanessa anne hudgens and she also starred in high school musical along side corbin blue ashley tisdale monique coleman,etc.She is part french spanish and chinese.And has been singing since she was three.

ANOTHER FUN FACT!!!:vanessa hudgens growed up in salinas california with her parents and younger sister she was trained in dance piano and voice opra this is her dancing in her latest video clip baby come back to me told ya she liked dancing!!!

ashley tisdale and miley cyrus cool picture!!!

this picture above is a dance in the new movie about to come out high school musical 2 its out in America but not here unfair!!!these are the parts in the movie.vanessa hudgens plays the part gabbriella in hsm (high school musical) ashley plays sharpay
lucas plays ryan ashleys brother in hsm. Corbin blue plays chad and monique plays tayla and of cause zac efron plays troy bolton the schools best basket ball player and of cause gabbrielles boyfriend. And guess what in real life there boyfriend and girlfriend.

high school musical 2 above

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