b5 ofcourse

this is b5 ofcourse !!!!

now dis is my baby carnell is is so cute but mean as hell!!!

this is my baby dustin but he is not a baby anymore :(

again dustin wit his good looking self !!!

baby baby carnell i wonder if he was mean den!!!

patrick ofcourse being silly and kelly just looking good

dis is b5 duuuuuuhhhhhh lol

omg dey look so good when dey are all serious and matching :) can i say tasty yummy !!!

omg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wanna just jump in his arms and give him the biggest kiss in da world don't u

yes yes sing for me carnell plzzzzzz i love you lol ok i think im over doing it u kno wut i mean

ahhhhhhh its patrick wit his silly self man he get on my nerves but we kool i mean we hit each other alot but u kno wut do u expect he is a boii duuuuuhhhhhh lol

oooooooooooooo soap oprah !!!!!!!!! man he is just too silly and cute

we all kno dat patrick can look good for you guys !!!! or can he

look at patrick looking like a monkey lol :)

get it bryan kill it wit da ladies u kno i got ya back doe

bryan dang !!!!!
ok you guys im going to do two more ppl and dat's it wit b5 im going to get krunk and show yaw my best cartoons characters . everyone u name them then im going to give u a taste of my favorite quotes love qoutes funny qoutes naughty qoutes anything u name dem

yea der go carnell did ya kno mainly datz da only pose he kno's wow

do not be fooled ppl plz he was not working he can even tell u his self i kno exactly what happen

he is not perfect maybe perfectly cute but perfect guys do not well ur going to think that unless u meet him alot and i mean trust me he is a trip

plzzzzzzzzz can u help me is dat what he is saying really nah i'll tell u what he thought he was thinking baby i'll do anything for you as long as you do da same in return and i will never leave u so when i heard him say dat i started laughing cuz i was like carnell u leave somebody in a heart beat and he just like looked at me den i kinda felt bad :(

kelly kelz what cha lookin at i wanna look to

grubbing on candy dang kelly crazie

oh srry i just had to put dis on here i love dis part :) makes me scream his name ok need to stop !

ladies do not be fooled becuz u don't see me but i pushed him down da stairs when he was finish eating and den he halled ass up da stairs and tried to kill me man dat was like the most hurtful day for both of us man my arm was hurting soooooooo bad

oh man im be honest ya'll can drule but dat i have already seen and punched !

kelly be acting so stupid
cartoon time are you ready i can't hear you i said are you ready to see my favorite cartoon characters i kno u are so give me a drum roll and expect da best

pooh bear i love my pooh bear one day i left it at b5's house and dey was like trying to throw it in da garbage so ofcourse i beat dem up all of them

and yes i loooooooove me some tinker kiki kill it yeah boiii but sometime tinker can have a bad temper

and omg i looooove elmo i mean just cuz im 15yrs old does not mean i can not like elmo !!!! he is just soooo cute

tiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr woohh woohh go tigger go tigger my best friend is tigger im pooh

piglet awwww he just soooo cute how could u turn down a face to say anything negative to poor little old piglet awww don't u say anything bad about him or i'll say sumthing bad bout u

care bears i love them i saw der movie wow tell me dat u did not like dat cuz dat movie was bangin

here goes elmo again

mii and my bf but ppls my bf is not gay cuz he is da oder half of hello kitty i just thought dat was a cute couple so i pic dem as me and my bf

i like da powerpuff girls too but i like blossom more

omg patrick breeding is kissing spongebob wow i didn't kno patrick roll like dat

get gangsta wit it oh i told patrick one day patrick why can't u look like dis and omg he said cuz i look better so i was like boii plz i dno who told u dat he was like man i got fans all over da world dat would agree nah i was like no hommie u got fans all over da world dat love dem abz he was like man shut up then i said u kno its true im just glad im a gurlllllllll and proud of who i am then he got mad i love making him mad it just so funny

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