Juicy Hilary UPDATED ON 10-23-07

Amanda Michalka is a very powerful girl and told me about this sight i dont think she made one but I dont know after this i am no longer going to be able to write on my own I will have someone put up posts on me and be sure to keep reading !

Hey my name is Alyia and I am putting up all different facts quizs websites and more on Hilary duff and magazine updates and you can ask me questions that i will do my best to answer as long as its okay to ask for example: What is Hilarys sister up to and what are her plans for the future? Thats an okay question.
Where does Hilary live? NOT OKAY! I wish i couls tell you but its personal and very dangerous to tell you so ask as many questions you heart desires in the guest book!


This is a photo of hilary when she was the editor of Seventeen magazine!
VOte what magzine do you like better tell me in the g book:
. Bop
. Seventeen
. Ym
. Quizfest
. American Girl

Heres a hilary duff pilates playlist:

Okay Go- Here it goes again

KT Tunstall- Black horse and a cherry tree

Rhianna- SOS

Britney Spears- Overprotected

Hilary Duff- Play with Fire

Fergie- Fergalicious

Matieria Girls- Hilary + Haylie Duff vote which song do you like best!

Here is the ultimate challenge go to this website:
take the challenge and tell me how you did in the guest book and I have a new challenge tommorow CHOW!

Rock "n" roll hilary!
Please vote for your favorite Lizzie Mcguire episode in the book.

I love the orange in this picture. Vote for which fruit you would be and why and I will announce the winner!

This is hilary transformed into a game charactor. she and Lola( her dog) are in the Sims 2 pets. Vote what is your favorite game tell me in the guest book.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Tell me in the guest book! Hilary always wanted to be a vet, she loves animals but when she heard she had to put them to sleep she decided maybe that was the wrong road.

Heres a nice close up in my guest book tell me your hilary duff blog name or names and i will rate each one and announce the winner as soon as I get ten!

Hilarys new perfume With Love is out and is never smelled any better. They sell them at Kohls so what are you waiting for go get a bottle( or two) :)

This is Hil as a princess in a cinderella story. Who do you think will be Hils prince? F.Y.I her and joel are over!

Rate this outfit;




.Kinda ugly

tell me in the guest book!!

Wow! How embarrassing would that be to walk out of the house like that! Tell me about your most embarassing moment and i will announce the winner!

Hilary changed her hairstyle for her new film Warinc. vote! which one do you like best!!

Hilary is getting better and better her new album is coming out soon and she released her video + song With Love.... which is also a perfume!

The Lizzie Mcguire movie was a hit at the box office! Tell what your favorite movie is with Hilary Duff if you came just to hate, walk away because until you accomplish every thing shes done just shut up!

This is a picture of Hialry in a video. It was her biggest hit so far, tell me what it is and I will reveal who won !

Hilary loves bright colors and expressing herself through clothing!

Glamorous Hilary is very attractive! She loves to smile are you photogenic(love having your photo taken) or totally shy!

Butterflies of course make you think of hilary tell me why in a poem or in a short sentence in the guest book!

This is Hilary rockin' a dalmation jacket,looking super fly whats your favorite animal?

Wake up was one of 06's greatest hits, and hilary rocked a new due that frightened us and she comes out one year later and totally blows us away with her new brunette duds!
Does this photo scare you or do you love it? Tell me in the G.B!

Hey yall its Alyia here, Im going to work with another celeb who will be in the Alaska section, take a guess at who it is in the G book Im keepin it under wraps for now. Hint: She was in Remember the Titans when she was just 10 years old!

Artsy Hilary here! Heres another ipod palylist!

Ice Box-Omarion
Here in Your Arms- Hellogoodbye
Sweet Escape -Gwen Stefani feat.Akon
Shorty Like Mine-Bow Wow, feat. Chris Brown & Johnta Austin
Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
Push it to the Limit- Corbin Bleu
Maneater- Nelly Furtado
Run it- Chris Brown
Smack That- Akon

Hilary is a princess, here is her favorite song:
Beautiful day
Watch her a-list songs on TRL 2-8-07!

Hilary is very close to sister and I believe all sisters should, so please tell me why you love your sister in the guest book!

Heres hilary posing she is very caring heres some ideas to help your community:
1. Find a local community center and request a spring cleanup!
2. Paint fence in a local garden( with permission)
3. Ask your parent or guardian to help im sure you could impress them by saying I want to help the envirorment
4. Get friends to help!
5. The most important.... have fun!

Patriotic hilary! we are not all the same race and that is the greatest about America! Tell me about your race put up your flag and be proud!

Happy Valentines Day!

Hilary looks so fabulous in this you can tell she is photogenic. But she is not only photogenic but she is also smart see if you can decifer this I will put more in every so often

Good luck!!*

I have to admit this picture frightned me! :-o She looks SO different its edgier and showing how much she has grown up since Casper Meets Wendy (info below). Tell me what you think about this look!

Heres Hilary keeping fit! She is doing so well. Here are some ideas on how to get fit!
. Chicken is great so dont give it up. Peel the skin off and you will get rid of about 100 calories. - Dr.Ian Smith
. When reaching for your favorite snack in the fridge count the grams of fat divide that by 2 and do that many sit ups before eating it.(That could also help your math skills)
. Instead of taking an escalator walk up the stairs excersise is not just for the gym you know!
. If you are dieting which is not good if you are these ages 3-16 because it could mess up your growth no matter how big or skinny you are you have to just eat healthy sized potions and drink lots of water, but if you are dieting or even being extra healthy give yourself a treat. Like if you ran (not walked) half a mile walk half a mile to the store and buy your favorite candy!

Ahh....Casper Meets Wendy! Hilary was so young and so lovable, she still is! It wasnt that long ago that she was dancing with a boy with no hair, very pale and likes to hang out in cemetaries!!

Gold! Gold! Gold! What else is there to say but .......GOLD!

Hilary is starring in some up coming films such as....

Talking with Dog (2008) (pre-production)
Foodfight! (2007) (post-production) (voice) .... Sunshine Goodness
War, Inc. (2007) (post-production) .... Yonica

This is Hilary at her Concert in Boston, Mass
I was lucky enough to be in the first row to watch she did an AMZING job, as did her opening act the click five. The stage is right on they bay so it was beautiful up against the lights. It was an outdoor concert too. MAny girls (and some guys) dressed in there highest Hilary apparel since this was the only American stop she made for her Dignity Tour. SHe did change often and had a meet & greet before the show. The concert started late so the click five signed c.ds for an hour. well done guys!

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