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*chapter one* good bye
one dark night a woman holding a basket ran threw the dark and stop at a beach tears dripped from her eyes as a bomb went off in the distent and many gun shots were heard her baby girl and young skitty in the basket with two bottles hoping that her young baby would hit shore some were else be side there war burden region loud crys of fare wells from the mother of her child the baby girl and skitty were fast a sleep when dawn struck the baby yawned and the skitty streched on her lap the baket was closed and it shook like her rocking crib but it was smaller and two bottles and a pile of pokemon food layed in a cloth bag she grab the bottle and drank it so large wave came from mean magicarp poking a there basket she started to cry soon it was darkshe cried she was used to a sweet lulaby by her mother and some times but not latly a grass wiste chimed in in the backgroung of her mother singing but she became use to no wiste her dad was killed in the cold war going on but she knew her mother sang to her and she was always takin out of here crib each morning she started to cry soon a lanter came up to seem it opened the basket with its nose then soon it called lan lan lanturen soon a peliper came an lifed the basket with his beak and flew to an island were no humans lived but three boys raised by a lucario the peliper droped the basket by the door and knock hard with his beak soon a boy in rated sew up clothes came to the door and said pel pel and the peliper knoded it head he the could speak pokemon picking up the basket took it in the large shack and opened up the basket...
*chapter 2* a new home
as the boy handed the basket to the lucario thank you vermillion yes mom said the boy did the same thing happen to this boy well now whats in here a skit skit skitty darted from the basketthen the baby opened her eyes gawana it a baby the lucario said then she called over the father lucario look she said it a baby girl and there was a skitty but well you know skitty any thing they see move they chase well our house is to small for to girls be side all the boys wont like the girls jaxson get conkeldurr and ask him to build an extention on the shack yes mom a riolu and a lilipup came out of the room lila lila ri ri they said to jaxson the other boy 2 boys and 2 pokemon now 3 humans and 3 pokemon lilipup get timburr to biuld a bed for the girl and skitty hmm what will we name her how about viridian yes what a good name lucario dear riolu can you get smeargle to come here tomorrow the room should me finished by then for now you can slepp in vermillions old crib gawa said the girl well KNOCK KNOCK there he is thanks for coming conkeldurr con con BANG BANG BOOM BOOM BOOM CRASH well here your room that will be 100 poke yes here you go con con lu lu lucrio
tim tim wow the bed was done faster than i thought it was going to be here the 50 poke tim tim bye
smear smear wow let paint!! wow the room is amazing thanks so much here 50 poke smear smear

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