tales&poetry for children

When sun goes to the west
When its light is past
When the universe is dark
When the faces get chalk
They don't do what they talk
I lost my faith in public
Except you like an angel
The river who runs with welfare
I see your blue eye there
When the birds sing
The song of life loving
I remember you saying
Remember me at day passing
Remember me at your hurt pumping

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thank you sais the son to his father as he was gone.the time was early andthe sun still in her home .the son said "i have a lot of time that I can play .he went to his friend a fly.he sid to him
'come with me to play .the bird said no. i can't as i studiy and will goto school.
the boy said "but it is still early ,so we can play"
the fly said "no "
so the boy go to the ox and asked him to play with
the ox said no " i have not time I will take breakfast and go to farm .you can go to the farm and see us "
the boy said with anger" i hate seeing "
he went to fish "he asked her to play and she saids "no imust do my duty then i play " then theboy heard the voice of alarm of school
he returned in hurry and do his home work as he lernt
the time is mine
the time is the age
i must develop it to be my friend
or he wil hate me and be my enemy
he will passed over you
if you don't deal him as what he want
he let his tongue out to hate you and fly
you will not see him till you will be an old guy
Forgive me
The birds are not singing
And the sun is downing
The light has gone
And dark comes soon
The sounds are stopped talking
There are not walking
God is coming soon
To our sky and say
God says in meaning
If there is once
Who wants my forgive
Wants my bliss
, wants to get happiness
, wants to get treasure
Or wants to be happy without gloominess
I will support him with my force
God is calling you
You must follow him and obey
You must get up and say
When the night is completely there
forgive me , my God is here
this astrange story .once there were two guys in the zoo.in fact they were stupid or shape like this they wanted to rob or steal the tiger .there was a small kinder .he was playing near them and hear them .he was able to talk to animals ,so he orderd the lions and open the cages to them so they run to them and surrounded them the thives are crying till the police came and arrested them .they gave a present to the boy

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