superheroes of marvel and dc

do you like superheroes or comics???if you do that's your site!!!!!

if you do not know a lot about superheroes come here!!!!!and if you do know a lot too this site is made for you
well that's the site of marvel.
when you get there,if you to the digital comics section,you can read some issues of marvel comics

éf you go to the site of dc you can see a lot of origins of superheroes


that's the site of dc.you can go there if you need more information about dc comics

batman and superman two of the gratest heroes in the world of comics belong to the dc.

oh my god!!!nightwing is my favourite superhero

he is the best!!!!

welcome here!!!you are free to write into my forum and my guest book.also take the survey.enjoy!!!!!
just to know nightwing[dick grayson]was the first robin

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