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[If you like Alyson Stoner, don't read this please!]

I'm sorry to all you Alyson Stoner fans out there, but I hate her!
It's NOT because I'm jealous...
It's because of what she did to Dylan and Cole!
You probably read it somewhere, so I won't post it here...
[Just so you know, she's the girl that plays Max in TSL]

Dylan Thomas Sprouse

Cole Mitchell Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse:

Full Name: Dylan Thomas Sprouse
Nickname: Spounge, Dyl
Birthdate: August 4, 1992
Astrological Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Arezzo, Italy
Childhood Home: Southern California
Parents: Matthew and Melanie Sprouse
Religion: Christian
Sibling: Identical twin brother Cole [Dylan is 15 minutes older than Cole.]
Different From Cole: Dylan has more freckles across the bridge of his nose and two small moles toward the back of his neck. Also, his face is a little bit rounder.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green-Blue
Height and Weight: Changes by the week!
Pets: One Boston Terrier dog, two fish, a chameleon, and two hamsters
School: Home-schooled
Grade: 9th grade
Personality: Laid-back and easy-going
Sports: Snowboarding, surfing, basketball, and motocross
Sports Team: Los Angeles Laker
School subject: Science, especially zoology
Music: Sum 41, Poison, Nelly, and Shakira
Instrument: Guitar
Animal: Wolf
Dog Breed: Boxer [though he and Cole love their Boston Terrier]
Marine Animal: Nautilus
Color: Orange or yellow [Dylan calls it "golden."]
Food: Everything! But especially steak, sweet potatoes, and pasta
Candy: Japanese gummy candies
Pizza: Pepperoni
Cereal: Honeycomb/Cookie Crisp
Vegetable: Cranberry sauce
Dessert: Chocolate chip ice cream
Store: DVS [especially for shoes, like his twin brother!]
Movie: Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Movie Character: Godzilla
Actor: Adam Sandler
Actresses: Kim Rhodes and Angelina Jolie
TV show: Dexter's Laboratory
TV Networks: Disney Channel, Animal Planet, and the Cartoon Network
Reality TV Show: Fear Factor
Cartoon: Dexter
Amusement Park: Six Flags
Vacation Spot: Mammoth Lakes, CA
Pastimes: Bowling, going to the movies, reading comic books, drawing, and playing video games
Video Platform: XBox
Game: LEGOs [He and Cole have been spokesmen for Legoland in San Diego.]
Computer: Alienware Laptop Computer
Fear Factor: Dylan had arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, but he got over it and now can pick up spiders!
Childhood Career Dream: Zoo keeper or movie stuntman
Citizenship: Both Dylan and Cole are dual citizens of the Unites States and Italy.
Creative Talent: Photography and drawing
Famous Relative: Dylan and Cole's grandmother, Jonine Booth Wright, was an actress and drama teacher.
Country He'd Like To Visit: Japan
Girl Watching: Dylan admits that he likes brunettes!
Best Present Receieved: Sega Dream cast- it was his first gaming system
Surf's Up: Dylan and Cole have been surfing since they were five years old.
If Dylan Could Be An Animal For One Day: He'd be a mole "because they have really sharp claws and dig underground."
On Potential Future Girlfriends: "They don't have to be beautiful. I look for the inside of the person, not the outside. They could be the most beautiful woman in the world, but it doesn't mean they're nice.
On Being An Identical Twin: "It's fun being a twin. Even though we fight over little stuff, we really look out for each other. We're like best friends. We spend a lot of time doing fun things with our friends and family."

Cole Sprouse: [Love the green hat, by the way]

Full Name: Cole Mitchell Sprouse
Nickname: Coley Moley
Birthdate: August 4, 1992
Astrological Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Arezzo, Italy
Childhood Home: Southern California
Parents: Matthew and Melanie Sprouse
Religion: Christian
Sibling: Identical twin brother Dylan [Cole is 15 mins younger than Dylan]
Different From Dylan: Cole has a mole on his chin and right cheek and less freckles than Dylan. Cole has a very slightly smaller build than Dylan.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green-Blue
Height & Weight: Changes by the week!
Pets: One Boston Terrier dog, two fish, a chameleon and two hamsters
School: Home-schooled
Grade: 9th grade
Personality: Energetic, curious, and talkative
Sports: Basketball, baseball, skateboarding, surfing, and motocross
Sports Team: Utah Jazz
School Subjects: Literature, reading, and history
Music: Ja Rule, Missy Elliot, Eminem, and Shakira
Instrument: Bass
Animal: Pig [now he likes rhinos]
Dog Breed: Basset hound or English bulldog
Marine Animal: Octopus
Colors: Black and Blue
Book: Greek mythology
Food: Shrimp scampi and beef jerky
Candy: Three Musketeers
Pizza: Bacon bits
Cereal: Frosted Mini-Wheats
Vegetable: Scalloped potatoes
Dessert: Cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery
Store: DVS [especially for shoes, just like his brother!]
Movies: Little Shop Of Horrors, The Wedding Singer
Movie Characters: Godzilla [just like his brother]
Actor: Johnny Depp
Actresses: Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta-Jones
TV Show: Family Guy
TV Networks: Disney Channel and the Cartoon Network
Reality TV Show: Supernanny
Cartoon: Scooby-Doo
Amusement Park: Six Flags
Vacation Spots: Italy and the Bahamas
Pastime: Bowling, going to the movies
Arcade Video Game: Marvel Vs. Capcom
Season: Fall
Computer: Alienware Laptop Computer
Daring Duo: Cole explains that he and Dylan like to play "swords."
Childhood Career Dream: To be a farmer
Citizenship: Both Dylan and Cole are dual citizans of the United States and Italy.
Creative Talent: Cooking- especially baking things like Devil's food cake, Spongecakes, and Snickerdoodles! [Dylan is his taster!]
Future Goal: To get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Surprising Interest: Puppets- "I think they're cool! I want to be able to work a puppet really well."
If Cole Could Be An Animal For One Day: " I'd probably be a jellyfish"
SoloColo: Cole played little Ben Geller on Friends-and Dylan didn't!
On Being A Twin: "I love being a twin 'cause you always have someone to talk to when you're lonley. You kind of have someone to share your feelings with, without talking out loud."
On Becoming An Actor: "Try your hardest and keep believing you can do it. Don't give up!"

Want to contact the Sprouse Twins?!
[I'm not sure if it's the real address, but I sent a letter]
Just give it a shot...they ARE busy, so just be patient!
I sent a letter a few years ago and still didn't get a reply, so don't get upset if you don't get a reply...they are very busy people!

Dylan and Cole Sprouse
c/o The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Disney Channel
3800 W. Alameda Ave.
Burbank, CA 91505

Some movies/shows they were in. They are really good actors...Check them out!

*[NEW SHOW!] The Suite Life on Deck [as Zack and Cody] 2009-?
* The Prince and the Pauper [as Eddie Tudor and Tom Canty]
* The Suite Life of Zack and Cody [as Zack and Cody] 2005-2008
* The Heart is Deceitful Above all things [both as older Jeremiah] 2004
* Just for Kicks [as Dylan and Cole] 2003
* Apple Jack [both as Jack Pyne 2003
* I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus [both as Justin Carver] 2002
* Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights [both voices of K-B Toys Soldier] 2002
* The Master Of Disguise [both as Young Pistachio] 2002
* Diary Of A Sex Addict [both as Sammy Jr.] 2001
* "The Nightmare Room" TV Episode [both as Buddy] 2001
* Friends TV series: [only Cole played Ben Geller!] 2000-2002
* The Astronaut's Wife [both as the twins] 1999
* Big Daddy [both as Julian] 1999
* Grace Under Fire TV series [both as baby Patrick] 1993

Coley and Dilly...My hotties <3

Dylan playing the Guitar!

that's hot

Coley and Dylan Sprouse~

Dylan and Coleee <3

So hot! =]

So hot! =]

Thumbs up!

Look at Cole...sticking out his tongue =P

Younger days...when photos were taken in black and white [kidding]
Love the matching overalls! =D
(If you wanna know; Dylan is on the left and Cole is on the right.)

Awe...Close up!

Dylan and Cole with one of their dogs.

Nice poses..."Whut?!"

Good stuff, right?

Getting an award! [I think...]

Crossing their arms like that...How suite!

Love those disney hats!

He's pointing at me!
...Or is it you? o_O

Good pose...Cole on Dylan's shoulders!

Doggy love =D
[I think that's Bubba as a puppy!]

Dylan and Cole in New York's ESP Zone!

Good picture...smile, guys!

That means me!
...and everyone else, of course!

Dylan and Cole on the set of "The Suite Life on Deck"
[with Brenda Song and Debby Ryan!]
I made quizzes too! You can look at them here. Just copy and paste these URLs to your address link:

* Quiz about Cole:
[The 1st picture is Dylan...my bad!]

* Quiz about Dylan:

* Quiz about The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

* Quiz about Big Daddy:

* Quiz about The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things:

Okay, I also made a video about Dylan and Cole...it has sad pictures with the song "It's Over" by the Cheetah Girls!
If you want to watch it, go to:


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