Pokemon Facts


Through this blog is all about pokemon and i hope you love it!
I say if you dont like pokemon, u r not rite! LOL (kidding)

This is most of the pokemon and ash (a pokemon trainer). Most of these pokemon are quite strong unlike others! If you watch pokemon you will notice if a pokemon is fighting a pokemon which is the same type they are not always strong against eachother!
To all you pokemon fans, take the quiz below!

Aint that cute!!!!!! AWWWW

The ultimate strong pokemon with it's trainer ash this
pokemon could be the worlds strongest Pikatchu! But it
still has lots of battles and challenges to face! But
all pokemon fans must think he can do it! Pikatchu has
been in pokemon for such a long time! Pikatchu never goes
in his poke ball ever since the first episode when ash
asks pikatchu do get in it but he refuses because he hates
it in there!
Pokemon Quiz! Grab Your Pens.

Which pokemon does Ash have on his shoulder?
a) apon
b) pikatchu
c) ter-twig
d) Star-radier

Whats the name of ash's best friend?
a) james
b) brock
c) linda
d) sam

How many pokemon does dawn have?

What is the pokemon that does thunder bolt?
Thanks for taking the quiz!


Right then where was i... I remember POKEMON! Pokemon is a programme made in japan, obviously you can tell because of how the people look. lol. I think it it very interesting and I hope all you fans watch it on sunday and weekday mornings at 7:15!
Well i do anyway it is fantastic!

Hope you enjoyed this!
Sorry i have no more pics of pokemon so i cant really do writing on its own! bi

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