What Can I Say?

So, how shall I begin?
I've always tried my best to avoid responsiblities... and that's hardly likely to change now. Yet I've started yet another little 'project'

Why do I keep on doing this to myself? Oh why?
...Ah well, wallowing in self pity is amusing and time-killing, but I should stop before I really get into it.

Anyway, as I've registered this place already, I might as well put up a pretty picture to begin with.
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Boy in Snow: I have always liked snow, and white, and blue, and that sleepy-just-closed look... How sweet- (breathes softly)

Hmm... on that line about sweetness and boys, maybe I should just go on and keep on loading pretty pictures? I'm sure that's as good a strategy as any - besides, it has the added advantage of being potentially enjoyable!

Oookaaay.... that's SKT, the most wonderful serial novel ever ever seen.
The 10th book came out a month ago, so it's officially finished... but I know it's going to live on forever in my heart and those of hundreds of others.

The 'hero' is Endymion who's an idealistic young knight - wannabe without an idea of how to hold a sword and with an outlook on life that's likely to get him killed sooner than later: To him, Knighthood is fighting for Justice.

The scholastic man with glasses is Karon, the 'silver knight' of Beres. He hates carrots, doesn't dare cut his hair because his neck is ever so shamefully fe-mi-nine. and looks on Endymion with pitying, understanding scorn. To him, Knighthood is an impossible, contradicting occupation.

That blond at the window is Kis Cezyr - the decidedly mental mastermind who occasionally claims to be the 'housekeeping fairy' and goes on a cleansing frenzy. He sleeps 24/7, learns yoga by burrying himself alive and claims the poker to be the most formidable weapon - and shows it, too. To him, Knighthood means less than a plate of well-baked cookies.

The story is charming, whimsical, sad, and enlighteningly unrealistically satiric. Crying, laughing, weeping and stroking the book tenderly after reading are some of the general reactions that appear from the readers.

~ Of course, the pic on the left is a postcard issued by one of the SKT fans, Sihon. I ordered it by post including 4 others. There are prettier pics, but the left is the only one that shows Karon though, and he's my favourite character, so I put that up. I had to pay for the postal cost as well as for the posted items... limited goods are sooo expensive... but they're worth it, though.

All three pictures are drawn by the same person - I have no idea what her real name is, but her nick is '' - that is 'eternity'. They're of a brilliant novel called meaning something like 'Story of Psychedelic Moonlight - Coloured Night' though if I were to translate it, I would say 'Lunar Psychedelia'.

's about a tragedy, a fate, a destiny, and the inner demon that resides in us all. I suppose if the story could be shortened into a single line it'd be: 'When you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks into you also'. It is exciting, gripping and eternally sobering at the same time.

If you like vampires, or werewolves, or drugs, or terrorism, or vendetta, or massacres, you would like this book. If you don't... well, you'd still like it, because the book doesn't like them either.

~ The sequel, (Bright Night) came out and Good Lord! It was as good as the prequel! If I were to choose between them I'd definitely take the former but only because that's the beginning. (Sigh) I do love good books.
I think I'll drop off here and call it a day.

Good Night to ye all!

...and now it is 12/30, I'm back

The two novels mentioned above are, as follows from my nationality and neighbourhood, Korean-written and Korea-oriented. They're there because they're two of my greatest favourites, but there're many, many more... and I've decided to make a short list of how the numerous novels, novellas and stories (that I enjoy, but are not for the 'polite society') may be sorted.

(because I live in Korea, I read in Korea, and I criticize writers, writer-wannabes in Korea... I would go Int'l but I'm pretty much occupied here with an entirely overlarge underage internet traffic)

1. Fantasy: Just plain fantasy - magic, elves, sorcery, hocus-pocus, dark dorks etc etc. Dragons and Middle-Age social structure are prominent here and I suspect this area of literature has been heavily influenced by LoTR and HP series.

2. (Mu-heup): To translate the chinese letters directly - Gathering of Arms, but in the novels that reside in this area, Mu-heup means a place where there's complete anarchy and chaos with the rule of the Jungle forever domineering. Action is dense and the whole 100-kilometer diameter reeks with testosterone.

3. Yaoi/BL/June: In english, that would be 'slash'. The more advanced forms would be gravely named Gay literature... but Yaoi-stories are varying and eclectic in their approach and demeanor. I've nothing against them... in fact I enjoy them... but why is it that all Japanese ones I see are so dead hard-core?

...and that's it with Korea, though the 3 are, and I say this with great force, the more obscure shades of the literary circle and not, in any case, to be taken for the mainstream. I suppose the reason those are so popular yet treated condescendingly is their lightness of manner? Or maybe it's just the general rudeness? Hmm... ah well, only one word for it! ~Anarchy Rulez.~

You know all those classic drawings with chubby angels and plump ladies? Well, there's my ideal of the female body - curves and smooth angles. The models nowadays are pretty, yes - but I feel thinness to be something of a natural turn-off... Commercialism convinces us it should be a turn-on and we, who have lost touch with our more basic instincts, follow - but anyhow I prefer the stick no more than I would the lump... both extremes are extremely unalluring and... and... I think I have wandered off the subject a little.

Riiiight, I meant to write quite something else on from the beginning but the picture made me muse a little and I drifted off. So I'll write it now.

To All ye Budding Pen-pickers!

...There was a time when I would finish a story and then cry into my pillow awailing my worthlessness and frailty of imagination. There was a time when I wished with all my heart to write something, anything, and my writing hand would almost literally shrivel and die...

...I do, still, quake in inferiority after a smashingly good read and curse all my forefathers for not granting me with literary talent; but I have found that the best cure costs only a few on the electricity bill and they can all be found on the amazing WWW.

Here they be:

-It is an online magazine with amazing tips on writing by the most experienced and reknowned online-writers. The tips are organized, shrewd and amazingly practical.

...There are a thousand billion gazillion other sites and webs out there - but I can't possibly write them all, can I? Besides, most of the other gazillion are rather specialized. Of course, everyone specializes and needs to specialize- but that's something that happens of itself.

...As for me, I focus on HP fanfics and sometimes LoTR with AF thrown in for a nice modern touch. Slash is endured and Action/Adventure read but Gen. of Drama are my true forte. Occasional ficlet emerges from my swamp-like mind and is read by few people; but I prefer to be the reader rather than the writer and am a great fan of many wonderful storytellers.

When in need of Contents, paste in pictures....

Oookaaay.. I've done that.... I'm going to sleep now, bye.

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