The Fashionista chiccas club

Welcome to the (F.C.C) Fashionista chicca club!

You will get to know all about the members

so get your girlfriends and read all about us!

Ciao from the f.c.c xoxo

Chantenay rose:

her nickname is cutie Designer
she has the most cutest tips
and creates cute fashions
and has a cute style she will
tell you how to be really cute
by dressing up or putting on make up.
She also knows how to sew and creates
dreamy outfits that r so cute!

you can email her at: trishamaegarcia@y7mail.com

Miranda rose:

her nickname is Sparkly shoes
she is Chantenay's big sister
Miranda loves anything sparkly
especially shoes <3 she is all
about having the shimerriest
fashion shows that are full of glitter.

gotta glittery question email miranda at : fashionemergency@y7mail.com

Bonnie Devalle

Her nicknme is Fuchsia rose
she can sew and she makes
super kool clothes she
loves sharing fashion secrets
and beauty tips her favorite colour
is fuchsia.

if u have a super kool question email Bonnie at: fushiarose@ymail.com

Cecilia Caliana:

her nickname is Pink fluffy dress
basically she is a pro fashion designer
her designs are like master pieces
she is popular and very good at drawing
and she sends out a pink fluffy newsletter
every week so if u want a free newsletter

email cecilia at: burlesquedress@rocketmail.com

Juliana rose:

Her nickname is whipped creame puff
She is really pretty and her designs
sparkle like a pearl she can answer
all your questions because she is
super duper smart when it comes to fashions
and she loves creame hair puffs
no she is not related to Miranda or Chantenay.

gotta question email Juliana at: sparkledress@ymail.com


her nickname is Silversequins
she can make lots of awesome
clothes she uses sequins to
most fashions so if you
need to know how to make something using sequins

email mia at :silversequins@y7mail.com


Her nickname is Prettyfashionista
she is super pretty and full of talent
she loves Paris and poodles so if
you want to know more about her

email silje at : trberges@online.no


Her nickname is glamour girl
she is full of glammour she is only 9
years old and she can sew and make clothes.
hannah doesn't have an email but u can email her
at https://studentsoftheworld.info/forums/forum.php?Table=job&Sujet=42-Fashion&LIGNE=0

got a G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S question email hannah at the fashion forum.


Her nickname is shimmerpinkpolish
she is only 11 years old and
can make clothes, she sews,
makes jewellery and headbands
she creates her own fashion shows
and she sends a newsletter out every week
called TiaraTwinkle** it's all
about how to pamper your self.
Also Tiara is Opal's cousin

so if u have a twinkling question email tiara at: shimmerpinkpolish@gmail.com


Her nickname is Emerald Chic
She is really nice and she can
sew, knit, sing, dance, model
and so much more she also
loves to play newcombe
and Deborah loves Beauty
and she has fabulous tips.
Alao Deborah is Bffl's with Opal

Want to email Deborah: EmeraldChic@gmail.com


Her nickname is Little Miss Guiness
She is so Fabulous she has the most amazing
fashions for girls and she loves
getting emails and she also is an embroider.
Lulu also does modeling and singing.
Her fave sport is NEWCOMBE because it's the BEST!

Wanna ske her a fabulousay question: littlemisskiss@y7mail.com

Sassy Sasha

her nickname is Mac barbie
she is so talented and
Sasha can make clothes,
knit, model, dance and
she is also an embroider.

so feel free to email at : macbarbie@y7mail.com


Her nickname is Floral Fabric
she is so nice to get along with
that she adores make up and always
haves fun designing fashions.

Have a floral question to ask: catherine.co@hotmail.co.uk

Audrey Coco

Her nickname is Shady Lady
she is so talented and
best friends with cecilia cassini
she loves to sew and knit
she also does modeling and she loves roses.
She is the perfect friend to have.

wanna be friends with Audrey email her at: paintedmanails@yahoo.com


Yeap thats mwa :D
She is pretty, has awesome style
lots of talents like sewing, knitting and modeling
she loves all that make up and hair styling :D
I love Newcombe and Skateboarding they
are the best sports :D I also have the most
fashionable tips and beauty advice and I make a blog
once a month and I send out newsletters to any1 every week.
I also wear a differnt nail polish a week and a different
hairstyle a day and lip gloss sometimes I wear eyeshadow.
Also I have the amazing fashion shows and I love
getting Pampered Also I am such a good drawer because
I have nine heads book <3 I also make my own hair puffs
bows, feathery headbands, bows and jewellery.

To get my newsletter or to become a member of the club
please email me at glitterbow14@gmail.com

Thank you for reading the Fashionista Chiccas club
Please let me know if you would like to become a member
and only talented girls can join from 8 to 16.
You can also see us on the fashion forum and Beauty forum.

Well Ciao Opal xoxo

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