Imaginary World::A Whole Nother World.....

Hello and welcome to my website.I made this site so i could interdouce the imaginary world i made.it is ccalled imaginary world/land and it is home of strange creaters and invisble people.these people dont live on this earth not even in this atmospehere or universe.They live in another dimension.In its demension it is located up in the clouds way above.These people have not discoverd whats under the clouds and they wont be anytime soon.This picture shows the kindom of imaginary world where i go to make sppeches and stuff.

The only other demensions nearest to imanginary world are,earth and a land that my best friend created called Azradia.People in azradia are very hitech and many people have powers.but have you ever wonderd where your imaginary friends go when your sleeping or at school?Well they go to imaginary world of course.imaginary world or IM for short is a buietiful place.its like space evryone floats.except theres no stars just the buietiflul clouds.

Many people need an imaginary grownups.Everyone needs someone to hang out with every once in a while.

The palcae is the most imporrtant and funnest place.besides the forest..........

<- If you do not see the picture to the left plz click on it to see the buetifl castle.if u also cant see the image above plz click on it but if you can then ok.

the forsest is magical and is always alive with fun if you are feeling sad about death or hurt about something then u'll always feel safe and better in the forest.

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