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WELCOME to the glitterbow14 magazine

This will be published every month not week as i may noit have much time for every week but in this blog u can find many fabulous fashions an tips, outfits of the month, beauty products and beauty tips, competitions, nail polish of the month, DIY projects, headbands of the month, hot hair styles and many more!

Ciao for now

Note from the editor:

Hope you enjoy this blog
and their will be a fashionista chiccas club blog coming out soon too.
Read my fabulous blog and u will be amazed :D

Opal xxoo

What to put in your purse?

Have no idea what to put inside your purse well here you go:

- a small leather or leopard print wallet with your money in it
- lip gloss or lip balm
- a little cosmetics mirror
- a little brush
- baby wipes
- mascara
- pink blush
- your mobile phone
- some hair tyes and hair clips
- some bubble gum

And that is it to have a glamorous purse idea.


Look of the Month:

Eyez: smokey eyeshadow are OH SO HOT RIGHT NOW so u just need charcoal grey and a shimmering gold to create this look.

Eyeliner : liquid black and double winged looks are pretty <3

Blush : pale coral oranges and peachy pinks.

Lip stick, lip gloss and lip balm : nude lipstick, shiny gloss and flavoured balm.

add some jewellery and accessories like a
few gold bangles and silver hoop earrings
beautiful :D


Beauty tips:

tip 1 : if you have really dark eye shadow and eye liner use a peachy pink blush for a natural look otherwise if u don't u will look stupid because your eyes are very strong so u will need a nude lip stick for the finishing look.

Tip 2 : Always wash your make up off before going to sleep otherwise u will tend to get pimples and blemishes on ya face and u dont want that to happen if u do forget just use cleansing wipes easy.

Tip 3 : make up for primary school:
u can put on a foundation if u have pale white skin a blush and a mascara anymore and u will be called cake face .

Tip 4 : make up for high school :
for pale skin use foundation for tan skin don't use any foundation u can put on eye shadow, lip stick, eyey liner, mascara, blush, concealer and a lip gloss.

Enjoy mwa tps XoxO

DIY beauty project:

You need:
cotton candy
a bowl and water

Step 1 : put cotton candy into a bowl

Step 2 : put it all over your face and wash off.

it's a really quick and easy face rinse
their will be more flavours like
- chocolate
- strawberry
- banana
- mint
- lemon
- frangipani

and more

Fahion tips for autumn:

1. wear for pajamas a white singlet or a long baggy t-shirt black baggy pant ans wooly ugg boots.

2. leopard print dresses with purple velvet jackets will make u look glam for a party and also warm

3. add accessories like gold bangles and silver hoop earrings too outfits every outfit is not complete without accessories.

4. long socks and frilly skirts are in this autumn so get out that frilly pink skirt and high knee bow socks add cute leather flats.

5. neutral colors this autumn is deep reds, bronze browns, crunchy golds, metal silvers, mustard yellows.


Hair styles of the month:

French twist:
Brush your hair so it's all on one side.

2 Use grips or pins at the back of your hair to hold it in place, so that the hair remains leaning towards one side.
3 Apply hairspray all over your hair.
4 Place your hand underneath the hair and brush it very gently (keeping it at the side; don't dislodge the pins).
5 Wrap it around your thumb and twist it like this.Wrap the hair around your thumb and twist it up into a cone shape, holding it secure with your other fingers.
6 Insert big pins to hold the hair in place. Have them point to the middle.
7Tuck the ends inside the cone. Use pins as needed to hold the ends in place, out of sight.
8 Use a bristle brush to neaten the style and use hairspray to hold the twist together.
9 Done.

also high hair buns and ballerina buns are so hot now
and the hair styles that i do mostky every day are
plaits, twists, buns and french twists.
wavy and crimped hair is new in style.

Opal xoxo

Hair care tips:

Your hair is so important it's more important than beauty

anyways to get your hair smooth, shiny , long and healthy
simply melt coconut oil into a bowl and rub through your hair
leave infor 1-2 hours than wash out.

You can also make your own hair treatments
try experimenting with lemon juica and coconut oil.

Anyways just have fun
Opal xoxo


Their is a competition :D
Ok well u just have to design a bow according to it's theme
and then send it to mwa in an email.

This month theme is eater so design and easter bow.

Opal xoxo

Nail polish of the month:

The nail polish of the month is:

- crackle nail polish
you can get it from bys nail enamel or china glaze crackle polish
hot colours are black and white or purple and pink.

- autumn colours are :
crisp golds, dark deep reds, plum purples, leopard print polish, bronze, fluffy whites and creamy beige.

Headbands of the month :

- plaited leather bands are OH SO HOT right now u can use them in like every hair style and mwa fave is across the head with hanging wooden beads . Did u know taylor swift started that trend? Yep taht's right!

- bow head bands ( lady gaga brought bows vack into style)
every girl has gotta love bowz they come in sequins, glitter,shells even jewels.

- Jewelled headbands are a must u can even make them just buy a plain black velvet head band and a packet of jewels than hot glue the jewels down how eva u want and you have a Fab head abnd.

I make my own headbands alot now because it's fun and u created it :D

Ciao Opal xoxo

Mkae up mistakes :O

Errgh don't u hate make up mistakes :(

well heres the fashionemergency guide for all your accidents oops:

- made a mascara or eye liner mistake easy just wipe it off with baby wipes or cleansing wipes.
- use nail polish remover too wipe off that excess polish on your fab fingers
- if u love putting oin lipstick but always putting it on every 10 minutes buy yourself an long lasting lip stick which lasts for 8 hours easy huh!

Hope u liked them
Opal xoxo

DIY project of the month!

To make these easter cards picture above :

You will need:

- plain white cards with and oval shape hole
- paper, beads, materials, markers, pencils , glue, scissors etc

to make it is to cut a oval shape egg but a bit bigger
then decorate it how eva u like maybe use fabrics or materials
or even tye dye it but don't use paper use a white cloth calico :D
then paste it into the card and write in it with a groovy looking
gel pen and their u go your very own fashionable cards.

Opal xoxo

Thank you for reading mwa blog
and don't forget to enter the compettion u will win great prizes even a copy of mwa glitterbow14 magazine.
Share this wif every1 and any1 :D

Ciao Opal xoxo

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