Hey my name is brianna janson and i am 13 years old. I live in burlington new jersey with my mom little brother and big sister. i go to burlington city junior school. i made thisblog so that people could get advice. here i help people older and younger than me with any problem to the best of my ability. if you need any advice at all you know where to come. you can ask me any question and if it is to personal i wont tell you. i have to be reasonable.

animal Lover
hey its me i have a problem with all of these way gay ass blogs on here. what is the point? i am the person who has this blog to help people with there problems and if you have any questions or problems e-mail me at bribrilover@yahoo.com. and i don't discriminate. thank you brianna janson 13 years old

Fall Out Boy

Lady Bug


Killing yourself

gossip from haters


strong words

Body Art...any type...NO PRIVATE PARTS

anything having to do with FAMILY

now he is 10...what will YOU do???

thing shit is the truth

i love my parent no matter what

Fuel-Leave the memories alone
Fall Out Boy- Americas Suitheart
Buckcherry-Crazy Bitch
All American Rejects- Gives you Hell
Hawthorne Hights-Light Sleeper

ok so you see that i can give and take advice about all of these things and i am waiting for you all to email me...


The Cullen "Kids"

Also wants Bella but...Edward has her...poor jacob(taylor)

Robert...this picture is on for Team Edward

A REALLY weird scary movie...i loved it

"Scary" and great movie

Love this movie

OMG he is so damn cute


cam g....SEXY

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