bratz rox ( UPD8ED)

welcome to my blog. It is abawt the totally cool bratz girls. Some people h8 the bratz but I think they rok!!!
I am they're no. 1 fan .I have 47 bratz dolls!!!!!!!! (There is a picture later on)and 2 draws full of clothes, and a giant tin of shoes!!!
I keep them at my nanna and grandad's house.They get sick of them. I have asked my grandad to make out of wood bunk beds and tables and chairs for them!He hasn't finished them all yet!(pic later on)
any way hope you enjoy my blog.

This is jade.My favourite out of the bratz girls.Her nickname is koolkat coz she is cool and she loves cats.She is the most artistic out of them all. Jade luves desinin' clothes and wants to be a famous fashion designer. She know all the latest trends and is sometimes ahead of them. Jade luves to set new styles and people usually follow her fashion sense.

Her fave colour is green.
Her lucky number is 7.
Her fave smoothie is orange.

This is cloe. She is the sporty girl out of the 4. her fashion sense is sporty but cool. Her nickname is angel because she is totally angelic because of her long blonde hair!

Her fave colour is turquoise/ cyan.
Her lucky number is 2
her fave smoothie is blueberry.

Yasmin is the enviromental brat(she looks after the enviroment.) She is very selfless and cares for animals.Her nick name is pretty princess coz she is very princess like.

Her fave colour is orange or Autum colours.
lucky number is 3
Fave smoothie strawberry.

Sasha is the music girl. She loves her tunes and wants to be a DJ one day. Her nickname is bunnyboo but I'm not sure why. Hmmm?!?!?

Fave colour red
lucky numer 7 (again)
fave smoothie kiwi.

Bratz babies
The bratz babies movie only came out recently. It is about 6 girls( cloe,Jade,Sasha,yasmin,NITA and NORA.) Nita 'n' Nora are friends of the bratz. They go on a chase after a lost puppy in the mall.
Watch it to find out more.

Bratz kids is the most recent out of the movies

The bratz were originally teenagers that loved fashion!!!

dis is a pic of most of my bratz dolls. i got bout 12 or 13 more 4 xmas i'll get a pic them on it latr. i got loadsa them!!!!!

these r all of my bratz. 4 sum reson the beds, tables and chairs pic hasn't uploaded right. hmmmmm...

These r my 4 fave bratz. cloe,jade,sasha and yasmin.

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