*****Bionicle,Hamster all in HERE(and others!)******


Do not take naked pic!!!(support hamsters)

Plz visit these websites:www.bzpower.com, www.bionicle.com
www.pokemoncrater.com, www.neopets.com

Luna Lovegod a Raven Claw student in Hogwarts.A follower of Harry Potter

Ps:Don't tell anybody that Pirates Of The Carribean:End Of The World is the 3rd movie.Don't believe means your nuts you'l see it and weep!!

Look at this coool opstical illusion!!!It's like it's moving!!!

Cool or WAT?

Exercise is good for you so is it for my hamster and me!!!My hamster name is Brownie, he is a very special hamster though he has a big butt I still love him.It's funny when he has poop stuck to his butt and it's so cute when he washes himself.At 29th of september he died i burried him in my garden.And this is the last picture of him.WHHHaaAAA!!!:(

The Switchfoot Oldies!!

*******STAR WARS********

WOW!!A dog playing with yoyo!!!

Wah!So BIG!!

!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YO!!people come to www.dragonfable.com for some DRAGON fun!!:)

This is one of the bionicle 2007 small sets.

This is Defilak's friend

This is an emoticon of Nuju's mask, take it.

This is Thulox, he is also one of the 2007 small sets.

Optical Illusions are AWESOME!!

Arthur Parsons, Lead Designer for Bionicle Heroes at game developer Traveller's Tales, recently sat down with BZPower for a video interview. He answers many questions posed by BZPower readers, and in this first of three videos, talks about the characters and what they learned during making the game. Look for parts 2 and 3 of the interview within the next few weeks. You can download the 29MB QuickTime movie from bzpower.com.BZPower would like to thank Arthur, Richard Earl, and all the folks at TT Games and Eidos for this exclusive opportunity!

This is how i tink mata nui will look like.(a spirit in Bionicle)

We Are 1# to NIGHT!!

They ROCK my SOX!!!

Chad is Mad!!COOL totaly!!


Drew might have i pretty ugly nose BUT, He's AWESOME!!!!!!

Jon is the BEST and ONE and ONLY Mad Guitarist!!!!

Quite ugly but, GREATEST Guy i know!!

They ROCK my SOX!!

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