jason dolley

yo yo yo.......this is all about the hottie jason dolley!

he is even cute with brown hair!!

Anything you find here you are free to take. I mean im not going to make people look all over the internet for a pik or something and end up getting it when there is one right here. so enjoi!!!
Doesnt he look so fantabulous?!?!



full name: Jason Scott Dolley
Height: 5'8
born in:california
bday:July, 5th 1991
raised in: california
grades:4.0 perfect gpa
sibs: bro jeffery
lives with: both of his parents and his brother
pets: 2 dogs chocolate and jasmine
school: class of 2010 at grace brethren jr/sr/ high
extra curricular: bible study, church choir
fave tv show: the simpsons
Fave color: blue
religion: christian
fave subject: bible study
fave food: in n' out burger double double
first seen on: Abbot and Costello





appearances he has made include:
Cory In The House(airs in jan. 2007)as Newt
the air i breathe(2006)as young pleasure
Read it and weep(2006)as connor Kennedy
Saving Shiloh(2006)as marty preston
Enemies:pilot(2006)as young mickey holloway
complete savages(2004-2005)as TJ savage
chasing daylight(2004)as dylan

total hottie!!

so cute!!


om gsh he is so fine!!

he was always a hottie
hey hope you enjoyed copy anythingyou want
if u can email me with suggestions, complaints,
compliments or anything
this is just to get started so keep comin back
my email is awesomeemily01@yahoo.com
rock on!!

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