GREETINGS! or in lao it would be SABAIDEE!

As you can tell, i'm not at all good at managing websites and all that..
I hope you enjoy the site! If you have any questions email me and I'll be glad to answer.

There's some Laotian food for ya

-Laotian food is usually eaten with the hands. It isn't eaten at the regular dinner table, but on a very VERY low table so the person can sit on the floor and eat at the same time. The food is generally spicy, and very healthy. One of my favorite dishes is Thom-mak-houng. It is papaya before it turns ripe in some seasonings like fish sauce, lime, chili peppers, others. If you want the ingredients, just ask. It is VERY good!

Tham mak houng (spicy papaya salad)
How are you? Jao Sabaidee Baw?
What is this? UnNee Men Nyang?
Thank you: KHOP Jai
Alot: Lai (Khop jai Lai Lai)
Where is the restroom? HongNam Yoo Sai?
It is here: yoo NEE
No (ex. "NO, I dont want it") : Baw -also used at the end of a sentence to make it a question.
Can you speak Lao? Wao lao dai baw?
What? ee yang (a sounds like "a" in "caught")
Where are you going? Bai Sai? (Bie Sie)
Is that right? Man baw?
It is true: Man low
Stop: Saow (SOW)
Pretty: Ngamm
I love you: Koi hawk jao
Female: Pooh sao
Male: Pooh bao

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