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So anime is something I don't see on here alot so I did this.I will start of with naruto it is one of the most popular anime's not only in Japan but also in America it has sold 1.9 million dollars in stuf but so I have been told i could be rong but I don't have a book on me(I usually have one whith me ._.)Here is a pic. I know I drew it I was bored one night and did this.

It is the anime toplist hehe :) >_<

Ok here is another anime i like called Vampire Knight it is awsome it is one of the coolest shows ever :)(But it will never be as good as naruto >_<)But ya so many cool stuff in that show i think you guys who read this should watch this it is so cool so you guys should watch it.It is about a girl named yuki cross who is in the day class whith the help of her friend zero kiryu they have to keep the night classes secret from sliping out so the day class students don't know it there not only beutiful but there is a secret the day class doesn't know THE HOLE NIGHT CLASS IS MADE UP OF VAMPIRE'S!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some pics (kinda short srry)._.

Inugami he is from another anime I will talk about later.

Uchiha survivors Sasuke Madara Itachi. :) :) :)
There is so many cool stuff about anime like Naruto i know I will use Naruto alot like my fav charecters are Sasuke and Gaara I even dressed up as Gaara for Halloween this year it was fun here is some pictures of them. :)

Sorry the picture is to tiny. >_<

Gaara is awsome.

Sasuke and his curse mark.:)

Gaara is so cool
Here are some pictures of them when there older.

Kazekage Gaara. ._. :)

Bad guy Sasuke. ._. :)

Cute kitty sasuke

Ok you have seen them now here are some just random pics of charecters or shows stuff like that enjoy. :) :) :) >_<

Thats sakura. :)

This is ino. hehe
Oh ya they are rivals here is a picture of them being rivals. :)

Them being rivals.

Them together as one.

Some naruto charecters. :) Creepy thing is those are all my fav charecter's. Sasuke's not on there :( ._.

Ha ha i love that picture it is pretty funny.

I love this pic

Ichigo's hollow side.

Soul reaper Ichigo.

Human Ichigo.
Ok let's talk about other animes now I think I will talk about bleach now bleach is about a highschooler named Ichigo Kurosaki who is a substatute soul reaper who has to take down this thing's called hallows but he has to be careful of the hallow inside of him to find out more you can watch it on adult swim on saturday night's or go to vizanime.com to watch it.pictures above

Now I will talk about Nura:rise of the yokai clan it is a very intresting show I don't have that much to say about it don't get ne rong I love that show it is awsome it is a really cool show you can also watch it on vizanime.com it is not out in america yet so that's all I have to say about that anime.

Ok here is another anime i like called Death Note it's about a staight A student named light yagami who pick's up a note book what was droped by ryuk the death god whith the help of ryuk light try to rid the world of crime but a misteries man named L try to stop him will L catch Light or not find out at vizanime.com.
Now for some pictures of the shows I will start off whith Nura: rise of the yokai clan.

nice :)

Cool ._.

Yuki-ona is one of my fav's

The two side's of Rikuo Nura
Next Death Note.

This is light.

This is L.

This is ryuk the shinigami who love's apple's

This is Matt he is awsome!!!!!!!!

Mello is also cool.

Here is Misa.
That's all for now enjoy these pic's of twinfool.

This is twin fool he makes funny video's whith his friends.

This is all of them. :)(Well not ALL of them just a few)

Ha ha

The new kid

sorry missed this eps this week

I have always liked this pic.

Eternal war.

Mark of the fourth hokage.(Aka Naruto's dad)

Kingdom hearts is a mix between disney and square enix it is based on a video game series but me myself I cant even finish the first game to me its hard but to some of you it mite not be hard.

Sorry i went crazy whith the cute chibi gaara's

It say's you have 3 seconds to give me back my cookies

Ok so I have stated whatching something new called Neuro if you havent herd of it yet its about a demon named Neuro who eats mysterys and has teamed up whith a 16 year old highschool student named yako and together they find the ultimate mystery but whith the case of the phantom thief sai who knows whats going to happen. >_<
Here some pics >_< >_< >_<

This is sai the phantom thief. (My fave charector!!!!!!!!!!)


SAI again (tolled u I like him)
This is another anime I like called one piece here some pics. :T


Monkey D. Luffy

Portgas D. Ace

Sabo (A noble)
These three shared a cup of sake and promised to be brothers for ever. later on in the story Sabo dies....

Ace and Luffy

Luffy went to rescue ace who was to be executed he savid him but....

Ace endsup dying in Luffy's arms.

Sad luffy

But luffy forgot one more important thing....

His crew
Hope you liked my one piece tribute :) :) :) :)

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