How to turn your younger brother into a perfect sibling
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Here you will learn how to make your annoying younger brother into the perfect sibling you always wanted.
Following these tips and and you'll have the sibling you always wanted


For this all you need to do is to tell your little brother that it's to surpise someone,like your mom your dad whoever. All you need is a fancy top thats like a dress for your brother. Also accserories put hair clips in his hair anything that will make him dazzle.
Then walk out of the room and put some funny music on lay a blanket out and have him walk out in stlye. Teach him how to pose. It will be perfect. Don't forget to give him a good new girl name! Have Fun and enjoy!!!!

How TO Get You Brother to be Nice

You have to say I'LL MAKE A DEAL WITH YOU WHEN EVER ONE OF US IS NOT BEING NICE WHO EVERS NOT BEING NICE HAS TO PAY EACH OTHER A DOLLAR OR WHATEVER its a good way to get some cash and to have your little brother to be nice.

How to get your brother to stop bothering you

First: Make a deal, something like [If you have bunck bed's this is good for you] go on the top bunck and then you can bother us[Or me] [Also if you have a phone this is for you] he will most likly say yes[Just to bother you]You record yourself[ Or you and a friend] saying stop it stop it[On your phone] do that for a while. leave your phone on the bottom bunck were he can't see you press play on your phone and quietly leave without him knowing he will find out but you can always make another deal with your brother.

Alway's reamember be nice to your sibling boy or girl even of there very annoying. If your the oldest you have been with them a long time and if they were gone you would miss them terable. Never wish you were an only child. Be grateful to what you have while you have it.

How To Deal With Siblings

When you are the older sibling and have younger siblings, things can be tough. You feel pressured sometimes and really don't know what to do. You don't want to hurt your younger sibling's feelings, but you can't have them following you around all the time. Here are some ideas on how to deal with younger siblings.

Firstly, when you are the older sibling, even if you aren't the oldest but have even one younger sibling, you are looked up to. They love you so much and see you as a guide. They want to be like you and do the things that you do. You are seen as a Superman to them. They look at your life and all the fun things that you do and see that you are amazing. It's like when a teenager puts on makeup. You later might see a younger daughter putting on some makeup too. They see what the teen did and want to be just like her, so the younger daughter puts it on too.

Learn patience. You will have someone looking up at you and following you around sometimes or wanting to hang out with you. It's not a bad thing, but take it as a compliment. They love you so much. You have to realize that they are your family and that they just want to spend time with you. You don't have to spend every second together, but try to spend some time together.

Have times where you do something with all your younger siblings or just one of them at a time. If you have a younger sister, take her to the mall once in a while. Go get some clothes together or get your makeup done at the beauty counter. Think of fun things to do. You can even just go see a movie, play a game, or go for a walk. You don't have to spend hours together, but let them know that you appreciate them wanting to be with you and that you really love them too.

If it gets to the point where your younger sibling won't leave you alone, but wants to be with you all the time. Talk to her. Tell her that you really love her but that you have your own life and that you need to do some things on your own. Say it nicely so that she doesn't get hurt but understands. Tell her that you will play with her later and that you still want to do things with her, but sometimes you need to be alone.

If you are arguing with your younger sibling and having fights, then try to talk to each other and start doing things together. If you have a younger brother that is just jumping all over you, ask him if he wants to go play soccer or volleyball outside. He will get out his energy and you will have a fun time playing together. Building a relationship has to start somewhere. You can't just automatically be friends one day. Start small and then start doing more together. Chances are your little brother just wants your attention because he thinks that it is the most important thing in the world, and if he annoys you enough, you will give it to him by tackling him when he tries to jump on you.

When you are dealing with younger siblings, whether it be that they are annoying you, are following you everywhere, or are arguing, remember patience. They love you and they just want to spend time with you or really could use your influence in their lives. Just start doing things

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