Mermaids forever
Hi guys! I'm Courtney, I have two sisters named Syd and Tayla, I'm 9 years old and I love mermaids!!!! They rock, here is my icon:

Thats my cat, Lefty that looks so souspicous....... LOL!!!!!!!

I love u all!


Hi guys!! Do you like mermaids? Well, I deeply LOOOOOVE mermaids. Here's a hardy question, do u ever go on youtube?? Well, I do and I see my penpals videos, her tv show is secret life of a mermaid and my penpal plays Amy. I REEEEEALY wanna be a mermaid when I say HIMP. I tryed many spells but they don't work, and, my mom and dad think they don't exist!!! HELP ME HERE! CONTACT ME IN FORM!
Hi all! This is Courtney, mermaid expert and this is week 1 of my extravaganza! ( ITS STARTING IN JULY! YAY! ) Ok, yeah so??? whats up? I am gonna make up a mermaid spell for u to try under the full moon, but no, not me, HERE IS MY SPELL:

Water water, Of the sea, CHANT CHANT with me, Lay a blue tail upon me in 6 or 3 days, and now for my powers that i'll get in 2 days, freezing, burning and so much more, Make me a mermaid for now and to now.

That is my mermaid spell, do u like it?? U try it, not me, i dounno if it works, contact me in form, I LOVE U!


Hey guys, thats my ballet recytle!! cool rite!! my mom is
PLEEEASING me to go, so I have to go...
My sister Syd I play on a softball team, I play tonite with Claire my bff, she loooooves mermaids like me, we just watched Aquamarine and the wierdest thing happened to me at lunch today, I found a chip that had a bubble on it, and it looked like a mermaid tail. Weird.........

Hey everybody! Whats up?? I you thinking MERMAID? well... yesterday I was in the talent show and now I'm sooooo popular. Ok, I know this is not about mermaids but...... here's something about them, some people say that when there's a full moon out, mermaids come out to play. At least thats what I think....... OH WELL !!lol i'm funny
Hello all! On Monday is my last day of school! OMG OMG OMG! Today is Saturday and I feel free its somewhere around 6:50/6:51 in the morning and ..... I found some more chips that looked liked mermaids and mer-stuff with my unbeiliveible friend Reachel. She like, found a chip and It looked like a mermaid putting one hand up and one hand down and the other one looked like a mermaid sitting, just sitting. THAT'S IT FOR TODAY FOLKS!

Oh yeah and is my penpal:

Love Basket ball court!
Hey all its Basket ball Court and I still haven't figured out if I'm a mermaid or not but yesterday my legs felt wobbly... I wonder if thats a sign...... OH WELL! Here is a pic of my penpal:
Hiya all! whats up?? I still am wishing that i am a mermaid, but im still not. I know a way to check if ur a mermaid. If u have a pool or ocean near by, go on a full moon and go under water with goggles on and if u see a shadow, ur a mermaid. COOL RITE!?

Hey y'all r u goin Texas or mermaid....... WELL MERMAID IS THE RITE ANSWER, its Courtney and I'm starting a mermaid fan club, and u have to check with my sis Tayla, just go to her blog, its called, Tayla's blog and her School Survival guide Tips!
PLZ check with her, for more deatails about the fan club in my form. Thanx for a mer-iful day!! THATS TAYLOR SWIFT!
Hey ppl! Its Courtney and doesnt this look like a real mermaid? wow its huge!! but at least its cool! See u l8R

Hey ppl! Whats up???????? My sisters friend Clarabelle emailed me and said I need to check my blogs more often with my sisters! I think thats mean............ SHHHHH! don't tell her!

Your friend, COURT

just wanted u to see!
Look at this guys,

its h2o! well, h2o just add water. Cool rite? ok so, in 2 days there's a full moon and i just got a pool so... I'M SOOOO HAPPY!

- Courtz
Thats h2o again! and they looks so pretty with their shining stars flashing. Its Courtney and.... I love ppls outfits on h2o but the tv show is gone!!! My friend Claire is gonna die if she doesn't see h2o!!! but.... she has to live with it.
Hey guys, THIS IS THE CUTEST PIC EVER!!!!!!! i mean.... its cute..... !!!!!! Ok I still wanna turn into a mermaid but i still have to wait, sit on the couch like a potato. Ok so?? What about boys?? do they wanna turn into mermen? well say my spell or go under a full moon in a pool. SEE U L8R!!

Mermaids are so cool, so, HI Y'ALL! whats up? R u thinkin' mermaid today??? WELL YES IS CORRECT! Well if your not feeling mermaid today, well talk to the hand!


I'm I know its so cute!!!

I just wanted u to seeeeeee!

- Courtzey
Hey ppl its Courtney and here is a picture of Sara Paxton from Aquamarine, and I do not think that tail is fake!!!!

look at it, look at it closely, look at the tail, does that look fake to u?? Contact me in the form just in case.

- Courtney!

Heyyyy! its Cgirl, a.k.a Courtney and it turns out I thinnnk im a mermaid, on the full moon day my legs felt reeeeeeeeeally weird so I spit on my legs to see wat would happen. Turns out I did not turn into a mermaid but deep doooown inside of my I think I am gon' turn into a mermaid. My friends Georgia and Lucy wanted mt mermaid spell, but remem' u hav to do it on full moon, JUST REMEMBER!!! oh yeah, 'nd here is one of my personal emails. : Lucy: sorry i was minimized and i was not on
Me: oh........... lol thatz weird
Lucy: I know SO weird right!?


I rock so bubi

My friends r mermaids noooooooow! omg idk how it worked for them but.... im too scared to use the spell, its Courtney and, I am goin undercover. Guys, my friend Georgia and Lucy tried the spell on the same day and when Lucy yelled to her mom or dad, her legs cracked together, and Georgia found duct tape on her foot that looked like scales but she didn't know if it was scales or not. There color tails were green and blue. Now I wanna use the spell, but did u no that.......... MY SPELL IS A RIP OFF, cuz it only works for 30 seconds. Thats why, its stupid!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok thats it for today!

- Ms. Courtney thats a real live mermaid !

p.s. the spell is in the orange 'n blue coloring.
Hey guys this is me Courtney and I just wanted to say.... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY 2010!!!!!!!!
Hey people its Courtney and rn't u gonna write in form ? or join my fan club ? I am starting to get very lonley in the form, plz :( I just need a boyfreind or a friend to cheer me up ! :( :( :( :( :( :( oh plz make me happy soon.


p.s. Now i just overhead were my 2 sis' r goin, Syd's goin' to Hawwai and Tayla is goin to California, LUCKY! :"""( now im rly lonley !
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