Jade a.k.a jadalious

Cute as a princess

oops someone made a poop

you need water cause i do cause i'm hot

smile for me daddy what u looking at

you need milk i got alot da my mom runs a daycare

white as a snow flake

look @ my cherrylious

be mad or be glad if your mad to bad and if your glad thats whats up he is mine

sleepin princess just like me

were is the peace in this black hood

he is waiting 4 me everybody does

the three triple

if u can fly your BALLIN

paint a preety picture

these are my babys

i'm juicefruit

want 2 have a pinic

im your friend

we stay fly hOmIE

what a waist of space and water

devilishly cute

tweety mitty

kool Tiger

heckory dickory dock

they cute but not like My LiTTLe SiS

i like money but not RiPPed $ 1

busy as a bee ( AnD BEiNG NoSIEy)

Am i girl or a boy

chillin like when that puttycat ain't around.

i'm so preety

you is so ugly u make me cry

ain't i cute as ommmm me

He is on my back he need 2 back up

can you make me no u can't so stomp off homie

who want 2 see me dance who cares i'm going to do it any way


can u touch your feet i can

i'm famous and my girl iz JACkie

hi I'M ThE KiNG AnD U HAvE 2 STUdY (FUnnY)

waz crackin
Ballin PEEpS
Sydney a.k.a Crazy boo
Simone a.k.a !!!!
Brielle a.k.a Bri3ll4!!!
Yasmine a.k.a Yazzy Fhaye!!!
Kayla a.k.a K4yl4w4yl4!!!
Danielle a.k.a D4n3!!!
Ashley a.k.a A3sh5ley!!!

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