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2006-02-01 amal (usa)
1 where is azerbaijan??? r all the movies in black and white?

2006-10-05 Suhyun, 15 yrs (South Korea)
2 Wow ! I think that this blog is so nice and good : ) I'm so interested in your country Azerbaijan : ) So if I have a chance , I'd like to visit there ! = ) Have a nice day with lucky forever ! Bye ~

2006-12-01 Daniella (Israel)
3 WOW!!! Most people have never heard of Azerbajian, until an American President tried to prounce it and with great difficulity. I wish someone would make a site for the Jews of the area and all about their language and culture. I have friends from both Baku, Azerbajian and Derbent,Dagestan. I can not speak for anyone else except the Jewish culture and what I know. It's a special thing they have and the people are amazing, including my husband. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful culture.

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