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Hwanyoung hapnida in Korea : from heaven to hell.
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2007-03-01 Nicolas (France)
1 Very good job Lucile, your blog has been selected as the 'Blog of the Month' !!!

2007-03-18 Lily (Cameroonian girl)
2 Hi, I'm an african girl, your blog is very nice. You can visit mine : . Bye

2007-04-15 Won, 17 yrs (S.Korea)
3 So goood~ My nation is S.Korea. your contents is good.

2007-08-07 Duy, 15 yrs (Vietnam)
4 cool blog! i love all of your blogs!

2007-12-01 Serge (Lund)
5 Congratulations on a very informative space on Korea. I think I have a lot of time for most things Korean, but still struggling with my basic Korean language. All the best Serge

2008-03-23 heejae, 15 yrs (South Korea)
6 hello~I'from south korea.Your blog is excellent~!!!!!!!!!

2009-01-28 xiu, 23 yrs (China)
7 We have to be a friend, right! Can we do that?

2009-02-20 Ji ho, 15 yrs (Korea)
8 cool blog! are you girl or boy?

2010-01-07 Ditku, 21 yrs (Poland)
9 Hi there! I found this blog really interesting. It is very mature how you juxtaposed both Koreas - not being too flattery nor too scolding. You are so young, still you can perceive the threat of the North Korean regime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being passive about it! Yours sincerely, Ditku.

2010-02-08 john (ireland)
10 i came across your blog looking at photos of the pantanal... it is well laid out

2010-02-18 Hannah, 11 yrs (USA)
11 You have some wonderful information that helped me with my school project. Thank you!

2010-04-07 Hye jin, 15 yrs (Korea)
12 Hello, I'm Korean girl. Annyoung

2010-08-16 dan, 21 yrs (Korea)
13 Hi, thanks for your interest about Korea. I'm very grateful that you posted many information about Korea even though you're french. Good luck to your days!

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