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A Little Town Called Whyville

A Little Town Called Whyville

This is the town square. The guy with the CW hat is a guy monitoring the chat rooms.
Hello world, I'm Samantha. I'd like to introduce you to Whyville. It's a website that is kind of like a real life town. You can design your face; play games to earn Whyville money, which are called clams. These are not the icky things you get from the sea but money you can use in Whyville.

There are many things you can do in Whyville. You can build/rent a house which you can then furnish. You can chat with other Whyvillians, play games and eat with friends. Playing games gives you a salary and you learn a lot of things. For instance did you know that in Tahiti, tattooing is very popular. Yes I learnt that in a game called The Alien Rescue game.

Whyville has everything from a city hall to do things like making petitions to Grandma's house where you can donate and get stuff for free. Whyville has it's own airfield where you can go all around the world and watch the sunsets.

One thing that has taken a lot of my time in the beginning was making my own face. Whyville has a face part mall and a face part factory. In order to make face parts to sell you have to have a voucher called a Face Factory Voucher which locals call FFV for short. Itís a very valuable thing to have in Whyville.

The beach is divided into 5 parts. They are the grotto, north, south, waterfall and cove. Except for the cove all the parts of the beach are free to visit. To go into the cove you have to join a club and invite friends to Whyville.

There are so many more fun things that I can only mention in passing, a bazaar, a brick emporium, a cafeteria, a town club, a scion(car) club, a getty (art) museum, a food court, a chat factory where you can customize your chat bubble, a newbie center, a playground , a trading place, town square and the list just goes on.

Just like in the real world, you can eat and WhyEat is where you can plan your menus. After you have planned your menus you can with your friends at the cafeteria and chat with them there.

The really great thing about Whyville that I have not seen at other websites is that if anyone is rude or not very nice, I can silence them, silence them permanently or 911 them. What do these terms mean? They are just terms which meant that any Whyville inhabitant can complain on any other inhabitant and they will be 'punished' for the bad words by taking away their privilege of chatting. I suppose the worse punishment for a kid is to made silent!

Another great safety feature that my dad likes is that no one is allowed to chat until they have mailed or faxed in a permission slip. This seems to reduce the number of bad influences. Actually Whyville really likes to get parents involved and I managed to get 80 clams just telling my parents some Whyville facts. After they read it, they faxed in a certificate saying they had understood all I said and I was 80 clams richer!

I entitled this article a little town called Whyville. I suppose that isnít quite correct, after all Whyville inhabitants number more than 2 million last time I checked.

There is so much more I could mention about Whyville and frankly, Iím still exploring it myself. At least I hope my article here will encourage you to go and visit for yourself. If you do join, do look me up. My name there is Sam90111. Ymail me there. Whyville is at

Click here to start your whyville experience.

Samantha Smith

This is the food court where we eat with friends!

This is the beach where we can chat with our friends!

This is club scion where we can buy Whyville cars.

This is the getty museum where we whyvillians learn about art.

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