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Hi everyone! Konichi Wa!
I had a MAJOR brain cramp on my story at Cherii's Haven, so I'd thought I'd try Kingdom Hearts. I'm totally in love with the game and defeated, no, totally HAVE SMASHED IN MY RUTHLESS WAKE, all three games (Sorry for the outburst.). Over the totally uber long time that I haven't written on Cherii's Haven, I have grown to have a passion for writing transcripts.
Transcripts: The writing of dialouge from a manga (mawnga) book in a script form. (Not actual dictionary definition.)
So, I'm gonna do that. This page is for people who can't buy the manga KINGDOM HEARTS by Shiro Amano, but would like to read it (or at least until I finish all the manga and a new one hasn't come out. I'll just have to think of something else to pass the time... GAWRSH! WHY CAN'T THOSE STUPID PUBLISHING COMPANIES JUST RELEASE ALL THE BOOKS AT ONCE! I GET SOOOOO MAD WHEN I HAVE TO WAIT FOR A BOOK TO COME OUT! ROAR! "sorry..."). Okay! here's Kingdom Hearts!

~Hi again!~ There's this TOTALLY AWESOME viedo on youtube (I'd have it posted on here if this site would let me...) that's for you Japanese freaks like me. It's the Kingdom Hearts 2 Ending in Japanese credits and all. Don't worry, this video is totally clean, no swears, no adult content, nothing but a letter, a door to light, a island, and three Disney peoples (I coulda sworn I heard Riku's voice somewhere before...) Yeah.
The address is
I'll write the translation.
Sora reading letter: 'Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. (Que totally Disneyish music.) Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it's already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky- one sky, one distiny.'
-Sora finishes reading the letter due to a bright light shining in front of him.-
Riku: Light.
Sora: The door to light...
-Sora stands up and extends his hand to take Riku's.-
Sora: We'll go together.
Riku: Yeah.
-Riku stands up and the two face to door to light. The door grows bigger as they start walking twords it. The door takes them shooting down from the sky into the ocean at Destiny Islands. (Gosh... that landing HAS to hurt...)
:Sora! Riku!
-The boys turn to find Kairi on the beach waving to them. (Que awesome song Passion by Utada Hikaru) They start swimming to shore. Sora and Kairi were having SUCH a cute moment, when they are interrupted by Goofy, Donald and King Mickey. Goofy and Donald crash land on Sora while Mickey runs to Riku. (My favorite scene.) Sora looks up to see Kairi in front of him. Sora looks at her Thalassa Shell Lucky Charm that she gave to him and chuckles. For a few seconds, the two revert to Roxas and Namine (Scratch that, THIS is my favorite scene.)
Sora: W-Whe're back.
-Kairi extends her hand to him.-
Kairi: You're home.
(Credits start to play and clips show of what happen at the different worlds.)
-After the credits.-
-Sora runs up to Riku who is sitting on the tree. The two best friends stare into the sunset.-
Riku: Nothing's changed, huh?
Sora: Nope. Nothing will.
Riku: What a small world.
Sora: But part of one that's much bigger.
Riku: Yeah. (What's up with him and 'Yeah.'?)
-Sora tilts his head to look up at Riku.-
Sora: Hey, Riku... what do you think it was- the door to the light?
-Riku slides off the tree and points to the location of Sora's heart on his chest.-
Riku: This.
Sora: This?
-Sora looks the spot where Riku pointed.-
Riku: Yeah. (GOSH THAT DUDE!) It's always closer than you think.
:Sora! Riku!
-Kairi runs up to them holding a bottle.-
Sora: What's up?
Kairi: Look.
-She holds up the botle. It's holding a letter with the King's seal on it.-
Sora: From the King?
-He takes the bottle from her, openes it up and begins to read it. Kairi and Riku look over his shoulder to examine the mysterious letter. Camera fades away.-

Okay! Here we go! This time I'm gonna write the transcripts instead of just say that I'm gonna get to it. Here's Kingdom Hearts! Oh! One more thing. I was on Youtube (again) and I found 'Simple and Clean' by Utada Hikaru! Live! It's kinda bad... but I really appreciate the courage of her preforming this for the very first time live. For her first time, I think she did exceptional. The site adress is this
NOW it's Kingdom Hearts!

Vol. 1
By: Shiro Amano

Long ago, the world was united and filled with warm light. People loved the light, and eventually began fighting over it. Then, darkness fould it's way into people's hearts. Darkness consumed the hearts and light of the people, and in a flash it spread... The world disappeared into the darkness. But a glimmer of light remained in the hearts of children... Children gathered their glimmers of light and recreated the world. The recreated world, however, was no longer united... It was divided into several smaller worlds. Because the true light was still hidden deep within the darkness...
-A young girl was lying unconcious on the beach of Destiny Islands. Obiously, she had been washed ashore. A boy her age was walking along the beach and spotted the girl. He walked up to her to investigate. She opened her eyes, and after tenaciously trying to wake her, the boy took this chance to talk to her. The boy's name was Sora-
Young Sora: Who... are you? Where did you come from...?

-Episode 1-

-It was a bright day on the shores of Destiny Islands. Sora lay on the beach just awakening from a mid-day snooze. He blinked in the harsh sun.-
Sora: Wha...
-A voice sounded behind Sora, jolting him into a sitting position. The voice was Kairi, a childhood friend of his.-
Kairi: Sora, you lazy bum!
Sora: Kairi...?
Kairi: I knew I'd find you snoozing down here... Sora!
-Sora desprately tried to shake Kairi from her conclusion, for he had come to this deserted beach to do just that.-
Sora: No, you got it wrong!
-The two fourteen-year-olds start to walk back to the main beach. While they walk, Sora thinks to himself.-
Sora Thinking: I heard someone calling... Was it a dream?
-They come upon thier destonation... A raft that they were working on. Sora runs up to it and gazes at it's splendor.-
Sora: WOW!! It's finally done! Our raft!
:Yeah... (OH MY GOD!) No thanks to you guys!
-Riku, another childhood friend of Sora and Kairi, walks up behind them hauling a large log.-
Riku: You two are always goofing around... You weren't off scarfing down Paopu Fruit, were you?
-Riku had struck a direct hit. Sora's hands start shaking.-
Sora: Of course we weren't!
-Riku tosses the log onto the beach. It landed beside the raft.-
Riku: Hey, I only kidding. You're so uptight, Sora.
-The three sit down on the raft and start making final preperations for their vessal.-

That's all I can write for now. I'll continue Episode 1 in the next entry.

I loooove this picture!! It rocks!
Okay, I have no other goodies than the transcript so here's the continuation of Kingdom Hearts Episode 1!

Vol. 1
By: Shiro Amano
Episode 1 continued.

Sora: When we get to the other side of the ocean... will we really find another world? I wonder what kind of place it's going to be...?
Riku: We'll know when we get there. We'll know what kind of world Kairi came from. And we'll know why we're here. If Kairi hadn't come to this island... we never would've known that there is another world our there. We would've lived our entire lives on this island...
-Riku's words are depressing, and in hopes to lighten the mood, (and probally in hopes to prevent Riku from furthering his monolauge) she changed the subject.-
Kairi: Hey, guys... Check this out!
-She pulled showed them a charm made of shells and strung togather with string.-
Kairi: A Thalassa Shell Lucky Charm!
-Kairi sat back down on the raft.-
Kairi: Sailors used to wear these and pray for a safe voyage... in hopes of returning safely home from their journeys.
-Unlike the fifteen-year-old Riku's words, Kairi's tale encoruaged Sora. He jumped of the raft and ran ankle-deep into the ocean.-
Sora: There's nothing to worry about!
-He holds a make-shift flag above his head.-
Sora: Let's go! We're gonna go see the world!
-Sora turns around to look at the two.-
Sora: Right?

Okay! Man, these chapters are hard to write... I'll finish the rest of Episode 1 tomorrow! See you then!

THIS PIC IS SOOOOO CUTE!!! YONG RIKU ROCKS!!! Whoever did the fanart was really good in my book. I got this e-card off of (well actually, all of my pictures are from and a lot more of my pics are gonna come from there from now on. Most of those cards made me lol (-laugh out loud- is what lol means for those ding-bats that don't know the simplest IM -instant messaging- lingo *cough* *cough*), but they're only funny to a Kingdom Hearts fanatic who knows all the characters. Yeah. MY GOAL TODAY IS TO FINALLY GET THIS EPISODE DONE! Don't worry, most of the other episodes are shorter than this. KINGDOM HEARTS!!!

Vol. 1
By: Shiro Amano
Episode 1 continued. (Again...)

-Evening befalls Destiny Islands, and the three are preparing to depart to the main land. Riku walks up behind Sora, hoping for a word in private.-
Riku: Sora! Take this...
-Riku tosses a Paopu Fruit to his peer.-
Sora: ! (Yeah, nice one-liner, Sora. Even Riku's speeches have better meaning than that.)
Riku: If two people share the Paopu Fruit, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what. (HOW RUDE!!! Riku is so mean, teasing Sora about his secret crush on Kairi!!!) Shouldn't you be trying this before our departure?
Sora: Wha--?
Riku: If you're not going to, maybe I will...
Sora: Huh? Wait a--
-Kairi walks out onto the dock to find her two best friends. She spots them and calls over to them.-
Kairi: Hey, you two! Let's go!
-Riku turns and walks in the direction of the dock.-
Riku: See you later.
Sora: Uh... Man... Who does he think he is?!
: So much to do... So little time... The door is still shut. Take it easy. Don't be scared.
-It's a peaceful morning at Disney Castle... until Donald Duck, Court Wizard, finds out some distressing news.-
-He runs to the court yard, looking for his pal Goofy, Captain of the Royal Knights. Donald finds the dog sleeping on a flower bed.-
Donad: Goofy!
Goofy: Zzz... Shoo...
Donald: WAKE UP!!!!
-Donald, having little to none patience, summons a lightning bolt to strike Goofy.-
Goofy: AYAA!!
-Goofy, being Goofy, was still delarious from just waking up. Even after being struck by a lightning bolt.-

Okay!!! I have WAY to many pictures that are just DYING to get on this blog!!! So I am hosting the very first LARXENE'S SUPER-COOL SLIDE SHOW!!! This slide show will occur when I come in a predicament like this one. So here it is!!! ENJOY!!!

Love this E-card!!! It's a Shadow Heartless looking at a gameboy (he's probably playing the ChainOfMemories KH game, and he's right! It is SO COOL!!! XD). SO CUTE!!!

This dude was HARD for me to beat. But maybe that's because I skipped a few worlds... I had to restart all over again!!! Oh well.

LOVE THIS PIC! (I really love all the pics though, otherwise I wouldn't have them here...)
Sora is about to get all his lost memories back. Such a romantic moment for the Sora&Namine couple lovers.

This is such a cool wallpaper of Riku, Kairi and Sora. I just HAD to put this one up. They're all quotes from the Kingdom Hearts games!!! (I really can't go a frame without exclamation points, can I???)

This is a kinda weird pic, but the simplicity of the wallpaper just makes me like it.

Funny... Really Good Fanart!!!

LOVE IT!!! SOOO FUNNY!!! The Riku replica ROCKS!!!

This one is funny too. XEMNAS ROCKS!!! He's one of my most Favortiey-favorite peoples!!!

. . . . .

. . . .OH MY GOD!!!

This is my last Slide-Show Picture. Hope you Enjoyed it!!!

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