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This is a metal version of Knuckles He glides longer and is faster than the original.

Is one of the best characters.

This is the classic Team Sonic from Sonic Jam.

This Knuckles on Sonic X and the one in sonic 3.

Knuckles was big Help For Sonic but they have not made a game by himself unlike shadow or Tails.He was also sonics enemy in sonic 3.

This is a retro Knuckles.

This is a more sonic advance Knux he can do what others can't like climbing and gliding.

This is when they were in kindergarden if you like fan art go to

this is Sonic with Knuckles' powers

It's Knux vs. Sponge

The lovebirds are fighting

Knuckles vs. Sonic in what you say boardgames

They get huge

Tails opens up a lemonade stand lets check it out

Part 2 lets see how much it costs 10 rings NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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