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Ah yes, Pokemon...It has been a worldwide phenomenon ever since Japan came up with the wonderful idea...Today many, many people around the world particapate in this...From the fun in collecting and trading the Pokemon cards, to playing the games...This fad will never fade, and will always be loved...Please read all that I have uploaded onto this page about the wonderful series of...Pokemon.

Excellent Pokemon...
If anyone here wants to see the beautiful country Pokemon came from, just visit my friend Kyoko's blog:

Japan enthusiasts by Kyoko

I hope all of you Pokemon fans like these pictures. How lucky are we to be alive in this era?

So, I have now given some more pictures.

A new Pokemon Phenomenon, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, will hit the shelves in October 2005. I dont know much right now but if you go to it will have a small article about it... If you would like, please read this article I found on:

E3 2005: Pokemon XD
A true Pokemon RPG?
by Juan Castro
May 20, 2005 - Actually playing Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness at E3 is somewhat of a time-consuming affair. Claiming one of the largest chunks of real estate at Nintendo's Booth, Pokemon XD drew scores of show goers throughout the entire show. It's not just the game people showed up to see, but to score four free pokemon dolls courtesy of Nintendo. Nintendo employed an excellent strategy here. The masses can't resist free stuff, especially when it's cute and doubles as a pillow.

Once past the mass of freeloaders, we found several kiosks playing Pokemon XD. We restarted the demo and took it for a spin. To start, Pokemon XD looks very much like Pokemon Coliseum on the GameCube. They both use similar color-schemes, texture work and design, plus combat unfolds in much the same way also. Nintendo has emphasized that Pokemon XD marks the first true Pokemon RPG for the GameCube, so apart from the similarities listed above, it's actually different from previous efforts.

In terms of story, Pokemon XD sounds decidedly simple, much like other titles in the series. Turns out the XD in the title stands for extra dimension, as the game takes place in a whole new universe from the other Pokemon titles. In this universe, creatures known as shadow Pokemon roam around just waiting to be captured. The actual demo starts in some sort of futuristic temple, where two scientists (or professors) give players orders to investigate the surrounding ruins. Looks as though this funky facility was once used as a battleground where criminals would fight with shadow Pokemon. These shadow pokemon have had their hearts locked through some mysterious, artificial process.

It's not long before a human boasting several excess layers of muscle tissue assaults players. In Pokemon XD, each fighter enters battle with two Pokemon, with much of the pre-battle arrangements being similar to that previous Poke-titles. The first fighter called on Pikachu and Zubat. Before the fight began, the protagonist uses a scanner on the two enemy pokemon and discovers Pikachu is a shadow pokemon. Players won't be able to tell whether a pokemon is shadow class just from looking at them, since they look the same as normal pokemon; you need to scan them and discover a shadow "aura" first.

Shadow Pokemon won't attack using their normal abilities, but shadow-powered ones instead. So in the first battle, Pikachu didn't used his regular electric attacks but shadow moves, instead. After defeating the enemy and capturing the shadow pokemon, it's then possible to move into the odd facility and keep exploring.

All in all, Pokemon XD looks to deliver something unique, at least as far as Pokemon on GameCube is concerned. Unfortunately, not much of the game was playable, but what was available grants a pretty good indication of how the title will end.

Please take a moment to look at this article about the latest information on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl that I got from:

Nintendo News | Pokémon News and Speculation
Nintendo Lives on Diamonds and Pearls
By Jorge Ba-oh (jb)
11.7.2005 21:02
It's all diamonds and pearls with the latest Pokémon news to surface around the web. According to Serebi, the latest CoroCoro magazine has stated that upcoming DS titles, Pokémon Pearl and Diamond has been delayed to 2006 from November 2005. The titles will feature new monster types, but conbinations from the various breeds previously avaliable along with alleged compatibility with some of the previous versions.

New monsters and pre-evolutions of the current list are also said to be featured, expanding the ever growing lineup of Poké-action. However in the usual style, the additional selection will more than likely be rare or difficult to achive to take trainers to the next level of portable monster madness. The magazine also states that up to 16 players will be able to connect wirelessly for some local area battle fun to show-off and share their Poké resources without the need to dig through bags for dreaded link cables.

Finally, Pokémon Ranger. Not a spinoff of the equally as sucessful "Power Rangers" but more so the project name for the upcoming animé series and movie. Other sources have suggested that this could indeed be a third DS game but this is just speculation at time of writing.

When Ranger becomes official, C3 will let you know.

This Pokemon Web Page is deticated to those brilliant people that invented the series. If you love Pokemon as much as I do, you will want ot visit this site! I will upload more stuff on to the Web Page later on.
Here are some of my favorite links:

I hope you find these links useful!

(Has anyone ever seen this Pokemon?)

Does anyone REALLY know the history of Giovanni? The Team Rocket leader? I thought I did...until...I found this biography on Giovanni...

"...My mother was such a beautiful woman..."

The Team had suffered great trauma after her untimely death. Shot and killed in her office... Her body was sprawled over the desk, crimson hue oozing onto papers. I had always had strong love and respect for that woman. We hadn't spoken in over a week and that very day, she had confronted me about... Miyamoto... She was dead too. I was all alone. I didn't want to go on. I couldn't. I was devastated over the matter, but I dare not show it. I could hear my mother's voice in the back of my head screaming, 'don't you dare shed that tear, you weak little brat!'
My name is Giovanni. The current leader of the fine organization we call Team Rocket. The ruthless, wicked, daring, and devastatingly handsome man which all the Rockets fear. Since Miyamoto left, I had shut out the rest of the word and drove myself in to work and greed. This made Team Rocket stronger. Never before had such prosperous terms been met and doubled since Madam Boss's greatest of days. We now had bases all over the world, and might I add, I owned half of that.
Well, time had past and the years were sneaking up on me. Soon it would be an event to hand Team Rocket over to a new leader. But to keep it simple, I soon had my own litter of heirs to choose from. Five from one woman and a few from some separate affairs. The one had given me quintuplets. All boys... but for one small, fragile baby girl. She was my baby. After her young mother's death we had become inseparable. She grew into a fine woman; strong, I know she was, though she doubted herself. This was my heir.
I stumbled upon this...

(Pokemon Trainer)
Ash Ketchum is the star of the pokemon TV show and movies. His favorite pokemon is Pikachu!

Ash is made with a toilet paper tube, a printer, a piece of paper, some crayons, scissors, and glue. I always prefer to use a heavy paper (like construction paper), but it isn't necessary.

Print out the template of choice

Colour (where appropriate) and cut out the template pieces.

Glue the large rectangular piece on first to cover the tube.

Glue on the head and arms.

Glue the shoes onto the bottom of the tp roll.

Close the template window after printing to return to this screen.

Set page margins to zero if you have trouble fitting the template on one page (FILE, PAGE SETUP or FILE, PRINTER SETUP in most browsers).

The Pokemon phenomenon in Japan.

The Game Boy game.

Pokemon began as a Game Boy game, "Pocket Monsters," developed by Satoshi Tajiri and his company Game Freak, Inc . Tsunekazu Ishihara's game design studio, "Creatures," provided the visuals and early investment support. It reportedly took six years to develop; it was released in Japan in February 1996. Tajiri is generally regarded as the "author" of the game, while Ishihara is regarded as the business genius.

(Pokemon is a contraction of Pocket Monsters, or Po-ket-to Mo-n-su-taa if transliterated. In Japanese, a language based on syllables, it is common to refer to things using only the first syllables of their name, e.g., "television" becomes "te-re-bi". Because "mono" (often contracted to "mon") means "things," "Pokemon" also has the fortunate connotation of "Poke-stuff.")

The game falls into the Role-Playing Game (RPG) genre. In the game one's character wanders through a landscape populated by creatures, the "Pocket Monsters" of the title. There are multiple goals in the game. One is to collect all the possible varieties of pokemon in the land (151 in all); another is train one's pokemon in battle in order to defeat a series of elite trainers with advanced pokemon; finally, in order to get to the elite trainers one has to finish a complete circuit of the game's geography, solving small puzzles and defeating minor trainers along the way. The game was originally sold in two versions, "red" and "green," each of which was missing a set number of the total pokemon. The only way to collect them all was to trade with a player with the other colored cartridge; this could be done through the means of a "Game Link Cable" (sold separately).

Tajiri describes the game as flowing from his childhood experiences collecting insects. Others have remarked on its similarity to the capture and training of Asian crickets to fight each other.

The game itself anticipates its status as a commercial cultural phenomenon. When one enters homes in the game, shelves are lined with "Books about Pokemon." When one enters item shops, shelves are lined with "Pokemon Goods." The collecting that is done in the game directly mirrors the collecting done by the child consumers in response to the game.

Nintendo, which is part owner of Game Freak, was not enthusiastic about the game initially. Indeed, in the very early stages of its release the game was not a hit. Nevertheless, its popularity built through word of mouth. (Pokemon Bujinesu Kenkyukai, 1999).

Did anyone here know that the legendary MISSINGNO. was acctually a glitch left in the game? Accidental, or purposely, we don't know.

Pokemon Red and Blue were the first Pokemon games released in the US (in the Fall of 1998). And with them came the Nintendo Franchise we all love. No, not Mario - geez! Pokemon!

Red and Blue introduced us to 151 Pokemon, and told us that we wanted to "Catch Them All". Of course, with Pokemon like Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Seel, Mewtwo, etc - we did want to catch them all! Of course, to do that, you had to trade Pokemon with friends. A feature that Pokemon made popular. The Link Cable feature was made even better when you could battle your friends with your Pokemon.

Even though the games are more than 6 years old, they are still great to play!

Now Who Here Remembers The Pokemon Movies? My favorite was Pokemon: The First Movie. 1999 6 years ago that movie came out. I thought that Pokemon movie was the best of all. I love all of the Pokemon games for Nintendo out right now, but my favorites are the old games. Like Red Version, Blue Version. When I was in third grade. I got Pokemon Red, and I loved it so much that I brought it to school every day to play it with my friend Marie. After several grueling attempts to beat the game. I finally did by defeating the Elite Four, and catching all 150 Pokemon...Today, only Red and Blue are the versions that I have beaten. I work extremly hard on all of them. That is why I love the Pokemon. I love those memories of Pokemon am the only person I know (besides Marie) that still loves Pokemon...

Who has EVER seen this Version of Pokemon before??? I hadn't, until some tough searching for some Pokemon Versions that have never been advertised through the media...I have recently discovered that some versions that YOU MAY THINK ARE SUPER RARE...Is actually a hoax. I've found that some supposedly "Real" Pokemon games were acctually fakes, like Pokemon Jade Version, Pokemon Diamond Version, Pokemon Adventure, and Pokemon Go, Go, Go. Please read this article I found on;

I've played Diamond (in ROM form) and the game is just terrible. It starts off with an endlessly long intro sequence where the hero talks about going to "electric monster's world", which is located inside a tree? And there's a phone ringing under the tree, which is what gets him inside. I'm completely serious - and you have to scroll through "Engrish" text for TEN FULL MINUTES (I know, because there's an in-game clock on your main screen) before you can make a single decision on your own, and that's aimlessly walking around trying to find somebody.

The game looks like a standard RPG in many ways, but I couldn't get into it. The game is horribly translated, for starters. Sample: "Regard the 'map' when START has to been press" or something like that. The translation is laughable. Perhaps to avoid copyright issues (other than the name "Pokemon" on the title screen), Pokemon are not mentioned once in the game. They must say "electric monsters world" about fifty times in the ten-minute intro dialogue. As any Pokemon gamer knows, the game -should- start with Oak talking about the world of POKEMON. Not electric monsters.

The "electric monsters" can talk to you, but it doesn't even call them Pokemon inside the game. A big feature of the game is some cell-phone thing with "DShoot" that your character has. I don't know what "DShoot" is, but they go on about it at length. Too bad I couldn't understand what they were talking about. Perhaps in whatever this game was in the original Japanese, the wireless adapter (used in Japanese Pokemon Crystal) was a key selling point, so they wanted to give your character the phone as well. I wonder what this game was originally supposed to be... obviously this is not an original creation. More than likely this was a Japanese exclusive video game, and someone tried to translate it (badly) to make a quick buck.

When you walk in the grass (or anywhere else), you may encounter a wild creature. Battle it, and win, and you 'get your opponent's phone number', which (I think), means that you can call it when you want it to battle for you. No Pokeballs, no choosing whether you want the thing or not, it becomes yours. Oh, and these 'electric monsters' will randomly call you up and prattle about stupid stuff. One asked if I'd eaten curry.

Ebay has pulled these games from its listings, as people complained that they were fakes.

I've received different pictures of these games and boxes from dragonslayerboy. There isn't even continuity in these fakes! And from what I can tell, neither of these monsters actually appear in the games.


Oh Yes, Now who hasn't heard of Pokemon Green Version...It was the first game released in Japan back in February 1995. It was NEVER brought to America, and it still will NEVER come. When Pokemon Green was released in Japan the buyers of the game thought that it was absolutely awful...horrible graphics was what made this game so terrible. It was just like the popular versions Red and Blue. Except Green was A LOT harder. The caves were bigger and more confusing. And the other challenges, like the Pokemon League, were very difficult to overcome. Most Pokemon fans were dissapointed unitl Red Version came out in Japan. WHAT A HIT!!! The fans were begging for more. Pokemon Blue was released, but for a limited time only. Then it was delivered to America where it was a hit there as well. (Just to let you know, the 3 Versions were all the same. Just in Red and Blue, they made the game a lot easier and fine-tuned the Pokemon so that they looked clearer).
Here Are Some Tips I Have Included For Your Convenience To Determine Counterfeit Pokemon Merchandise...

1. Check if the toys are badly painted or misshapen. Chances are they're fake's

2. Check the packaging on the box. If the color is to bright it might have been copied by a color copier.

3. Before you buy a toy or game, check to see if it has been released in major stores like Wal*Mart or Target before purchasing it, as it could be a hoax.

I hope these tips will help you. Remember, if you think you're getting a super rare game that hasn't been in stores yet, chances are it's fake!!!
If you would like more information on the Pokemon franchise, please visit,

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