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Since I havent updated this site for a while I think it's time for an update. Sorry for keeping you wait.

Tekken 6 will come soon for PS3. You maybe noticed the new logo on the top of this site.There will be three new characters.
I post them in this blog. Scroll down to see them.

That's it for now.



Nina and her sister Anna hate each other

Nina works as an Assassin

Xiaoyou is kicking Jin


Christie shows her Capoeira arts

Anna Williams in T2

- Nina through the Ages -






Jin Kazama
Country of Origin: Japan
Style of Fighting: (T3) Advanced Mishima karate & Kazama-style self-defense, (T4, T5) Traditional Karate
Age: (T3) 19, (T4, T5) 21
Blood Type: AB
Height & Weight: 180cm - 75kg
Occupation: Martial artist
Hobby: Walks in the forest
Likes: His mother's precepts
Dislikes: Deception

Heihachi Mishima
Country of Origin: (T3) Japan, (T4) Japan (later denied by the Japanese government)
Style of Fighting: (T1) Mishima-Style Karate, (T2) Three Exile Quarrel Karat
Age: (T1) 52, (T2) 54, (T3) 73, (T4) 75
Blood Type: B
Height & Weight: (T1) 179cm - 80k, (T2) 180cm - 82kg
Occupation: (T2) Study, (T3) Leader of Mishima Financial Empire
Hobby: Meditation, bathing, collecting shoes
Likes: (T2) Geta collection, (T3) Ruling the world
Dislikes: Nothing

Julia Chang
Country of Origin: United States
Style of Fighting: (T3) Chang Kenpo, (T4) Various Chinese martial arts, (T5) Xing Yi Based Martial Arts
Age: (T3) 18, (T4, T5) 20
Blood Type: B
Height & Weight: 165cm - 54kg
Occupation: Student majoring in Archaeology Research.
Hobby: Hunting
Likes: Buffalo
Dislikes: The Mishima Zaibatsu

Michelle Chang
Country of Origin: United States
Style of Fighting: Chang Kenpo and various Chinese Martial Arts
Age: (T1) 18, (T2) 20
Blood Type: B
Height & Weight: 163cm - 53kg
Occupation: Unemployed
Hobby: Tracking, hunting, seeking revenge
Likes: Watching buffalo
Dislikes: Heihachi Mishima

Nina Williams

Nickname: Silent Assassin
Country of Orgin: Ireland
Style of Fighting: Aikido
Age: 20 (T1), 22 (T2-3), 24 (T4-5)
Blood Type: A (changed during Cold Sleep)
Heigtht & Weight: 161cm - 49 kg
Occupation: Assassin (Her target was Jin during T3)
Hobby: Retraicing memories
Likes: Can't remember (Maybe milk-tea)
Dislikes: Can't remember (Maybe Anna)

Anna Williams

Nickname: Lightning Scarlet
Country of Origin: Ireland
Style of Fighting: Aikido
Age: 2 years younger than Nina
Bloodtype: A
Occupation: Studient (retiered)
Hobbies: Traveling, planting wrong memories into Nina
Likes: Espresso coffe, Jerry from Tom & Jerry and vin rouge
Dislikes: Nina

Christie Monteiro
Country of Origin: Brazil
Style of Fighting: Capoeira
Age: 19
Blood Type: ?
Height & Weight: ?
Occupation: ?
Hobby: ?
Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?

Ling Xiaoyu
Country of Origin: China
Style of Fighting: Hakke Ken, Hike Ken & Various Chinese Martial Arts
Age: (T3) 16, (T4, T5) 18
Blood Type: A
Height & Weight: 157cm - 42kg
Occupation: Student and caretaker of Panda
Hobby: Traveling to amusement parks worldwide
Likes: Chinese steamed buns, shrimp dumplings & Peking duc
Dislikes: Math teachers
new characters in Tekken 6




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