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August 12, 2004 - PlayStation 2 owners who don't have GameCubes missed out on one of the most original, interesting, and visually entertaining new action titles around last year with Viewtiful Joe. Initially announced by Capcom as one of its prominent "GameCube Five," (which also included Dead Phoenix, Killer 7, Resident Evil 4, and P.N.03) this previously Nintendo-exclusive butt-kicker may well go down as the best of the bunch (RE4 fans may say differently, but hey -- anything is possible), and as luck would have it, we PS2 patrons are about to get our very own try at the Viewtiful one as well when the long-awaited port finally hits Sony's system later this month.

Directed by Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 2 veteran Hideki Kamiya, Viewtiful Joe tells the story of an average guy named -- you guessed it -- Joe. Your typical, average guy, Joe is out on a movie date with his girlfriend Silvia when something bizarre happens. During the scene in the film when Joe's favorite superhero Captain Blue battles a giant monster, Blue is mysteriously defeated and the creature reaches through the screen and grabs Sylvia. Stunned and ready to save his woman, Joe travels into the movie realm himself and is given a mystical watch by Captain Blue so that he can become a superhero himself. Powered up and ready to go, it's now up to Joe to find his beloved and bring her back to safety.

Though visually unique and superbly designed, Viewtiful Joe is as wacky as it is beautiful. And to give players a better idea of what kind of weirdo characters they can expect to meet in the PlayStation 2 version of the game, we've listed some short biographies of the main protagonists in the text below. We hope you enjoy them and urge you to check back with us again soon for more!

The Facts

Play as Joe and fight the forces of evil with your hot-pink cape
2D, side-scrolling fighting action set in 3D panoramas
Unique, cinematic combat system uses VFX Powers such as Slow, Mach Speed, and Zoom to obliterate enemy forces
Use your VFX Powers to solve puzzles and take down big, bad bosses
Wacky, cel-shaded, comic-based characters and environments like you've never seen before
Earn "Viewtifuls" to purchase additional killer moves and items between episodes
Seven episodes spanning at least 10 hours of gameplay
Multiple difficulty levels
Progressive scan support The Concept
We didn't know what to think of our boy Joe when we first met him. His ripped muscles, stylish attire, and glowing yellow eyes seemed to indicate superhero status, but the slightly squatty frame and pink cape threw us for a loop. Could we ever take Capcom's new Joe character seriously as an action hero? The answer is yes, and it only takes a few minutes behind the controller to begin to truly appreciate the brilliance of Capcom's daring design. Though the story is straightforward, all we need to know is that Joe's girlfriend Silvia has been mysteriously sucked into a movie by an evil force to provide us with more than enough motivation to hop into the red tights and commence with the beatdown.

At its heart, Viewtiful Joe is about as old school as a game could possibly get in today's world of free-roaming, 3D titles. Aside from sticking to a beautifully flat, cel-shaded rendering style, VJ's gameplay is also a throwback to the days of side-scrolling, beat-'em-up, action platformers. Comic-styled backgrounds scroll in 3D as your path turns and bends around corners, but gamers will never get sidetracked with excessive exploration -- just keep pressing to the left or right and fighting your way through hordes of zany foes (such as tutu-wearing robots with gasmasks), and you'll advance through city streets, lavish palaces, sludgy sewers, underwater submarines, and other awesome environments that we'd rather not spoil.

Capcom's new Joe superhero smacks with personality and high-energy kung fu.

It's this tight focus on side-scrolling action mixed with Capcom's wacky-yet-curiously-cool 2D art style that will keep both old-school action gamers and newcomers alike glued to Viewtiful Joe. Fans of classic brawlers such as Double Dragon and Battletoads will instantly fall in love with Joe's amazing, lethal, lightning-quick martial-arts combat animations, and then bullet-time junkies who crave the adrenaline rush behind super-stylish, slow-motion finesse will be equally hooked. If you consider yourself a fan of both, then run to the store now, because this game is an absolute no-brainer for your library.

Joe is just your ordinary superhero, comic book loving guy -- perhaps a little too interested in the superhero realm. He tends to focus more on Captain Blue's (his favorite hero) exploits than his girlfriend Silvia. While on a date with his Silvia, Joe completely ignores her because he's so infatuated with the onscreen action. Silvia isn't too happy that she's losing to an old, overweight Captain Blue. As she's about to unleash her ignored girlfriend fueled wrath on Joe, a giant hand reaches out of the movie screen and snatches her. Joe has no clue what's going on, but he dashes into the movie realm with the giant hand. As he gets a bearing on his surroundings, Joe realizes that he'll need all his superhero knowledge to figure out what he's doing inside a movie and rescue his girl.

Viewtiful Joe
Viewtiful Joe is Joe's superhero alter ego. Shortly after being sucked inside the movie, he meets up with his idol Captain Blue. Blue bestows on our hero VFX powers that allow him to not only transform into a superhero, but also slow down, speed up, or zoom in on the movie. These VFX powers will aid Joe throughout his quest, allowing him to conquer bad guys and puzzles in Viewtiful style.

Silvia is Joe's girlfriend. After weeks of prodding, she was finally able to convince Joe to take her out on a movie date -- too bad the only way to get him off the couch was to see a flick that involves Captain Blue. Try as she might, she can't capture Joe's attention since his eyes are glued to the screen. As she's about to tell Joe he better shape up and treat her like she's actually his girlfriend, a giant hand reaches out through the movie screen and pulls her into the superhero world of Captain Blue. This is definitely the worst date of Silvia's life, and now she has to hope that Joe will be able to concentrate long enough on someone besides Blue to save her.

Captain Blue
Captain Blue not only fights crime with his super powers and is huge movie star, but he's also Joe's favorite super hero -- and soon to be mentor. When Blue is defeated by his enemies, the overpowered Captain Blue picks Joe to be his successor in the fight against evil. After teaching Joe the ropes of super hero-dom, Captain Blue hands him the powerful V-Watch, which gives Joe VFX powers. Now Blue has to watch out for Joe and teach him the art of VFX so that Joe can use these mighty powers to conquer evil and save Silvia.
Hulk Davidson
Watch out for this guy. Hulk Davidson is the first villain that Joe must tackle in Viewtiful guise. It'll take all of Joe's mettle to defeat this trash talking behemoth that carries the nickname Iron Ogre. At an impressive 7'10" tall and weighing in at over 1 ton, Hulk Davidson is quite the contender. His huge axe and fire strikes will put all of Joe's skills to the test. When Hulk isn't trying to squash Joe into a pancake, he spends his time collecting motorcycles, raising hell and cranking "Born to Be Wild."

The hero of the Devil May Cry series and guest star of Atlus' upcoming Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, the demon hunting badass known as Dante certainly has a way of getting around. On his own personal mission to rescue sexy cohort Trish from the clutches of the same forces that nabbed Silvia, Dante brings along an all-new set of abilities and powers when he teams up with Joe to rid the movie realm of all its evil. Confident and brash, Dante is the ultimate fusion of human and devil, as the bloodline given to him by his legendary father -- the Dark Knight Sparda -- grants him an intuition and inner strength that no one else on the planet can possess.

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