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Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Dance Revolution!

Dont know how to play or dont even know what it is? That's okay! In this blog, I'll tell you all that, including pictures.

DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) is a very popular game that you will normally see in arcades everywhere. There is a large piece of equipment (shown above) with a large screen on it and music playing. As you watch the screen, arrows (that go up, down, left and right) will slowly, or fastly (depending on the song you chose)go up the screen. As they make their way up, you will step on the correct arrow when it reaches a certain point.

Might sound confusing now..but give it a try. It's more fun than it sounds!

Wondering who I am? Well here's a pic of me!

Here is another one!

Hi, my name is Cori and I became a huge DDR fan about 2 years ago! I used to go to my firend Loren's house a lot, and she had it, and after playing it about once or twice over there, i became obsessed with it! I also got my friend Julie involved with it! Then i bought the "at home" version of it, meaning i bought the game for the PS2 and bought a mat. (not the big machine, but the mat shown above) I can't help but love it now! My most comfortable level is Standard. I can play it on Heavy, but i get tired quicker! Well thanks for visiting all you DDR fans

Here are the 4 more popular PS2 versions of DDR! It includes DDR Max, DDR Max 2, DDR Extreme, and the newer one, DDR Extreme 2!

Here is a typical pic of the screen you watch on DDR!
I <3 Dance Dance Revolution!

There are also other DDR games for other game systems. There is a DDR Ultramix for Xbox and a Mario Mix, also on Xbox. There are also some other games for the PS, like DDR Konamix, but that one isnt so good...i've played it before!
Here are some songs by artist you may know that are featured on DDR games!

-DJ Sammy (with Heaven)
-Dirty Vegas (with Days Go By)
-Ian Van Dan (with Will I)
-K C and the sunshine Band (with Get Down Tonight)
-Jennifer Lopez (with Waiting For Tonight)
-Faith Hill (with There You'll Be Remix)
-4 Strings (with Diving and also Take Me Away)

And Many More...
Most of the song types on DDr are all House music! But some are slow R&B. A different variety for everyone!
Usually all of the DDR games (i'm not so sure about the older ones) have more than 65 different songs and 100+ minutes in music. Pretty Awesome!
You can also buy DDR shirts. I have one that is white and has the 4 arrows on it! Just do a Google search for DDR shirts, and they bring up tons of stores with different options!
Thank You So Much For Visiting My Blog! Be Sure To Go To The Arcade Nearest You And Join In On The Revolution! Thank You! Bye!
Dance Dance Revolution!

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