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here are some of the characters from animal crossing

(for game cube)




booker-he works at the police station along with copper copper stand outside of the police station you can ask him if thereis any thing in the lost and found,if there is any goings on,or if you are in another town you can ask him for a map.Booker works in the police station you dont have to talk to booker if you see somthing in the lost and found that is not your you can take it anyway
blathers-he works in the museum you can go see him if you want to bring him fossals fish bugs or paintings.if you go there in the day time blathers will be sleeping but you should wake him up if have an item to donate.the only bad part about him being awake is that he can talk.blathers can blabber on and on about any thing but it is worth it having your items in the museum if you go up to an item and hit the a button it will say what the item is and the name of the person who donated it
chip-he comes around for the fishing tourneys.their is a fall fishing tourney and a spring fishing tourney if you catch a bass that is not a sea bass you should give it to chip if it is the biggest fish for that day he gives you a prize if it stays the biggest he will send you a prize in the mail if it is not a big enough fish he will just eat it if you go to see tortimore the mayor he will give you a medal or a trophee you can only go to him once a season you can find him at the wishing well or some place by water.
timmy- he works at the store you the only way you can see timmy is if you get your store as big as it can be the only way to get your store bigger is if you buy alot of things from your store




katrina- she is a fortine teller if you see a round tent while you are walking around town go in it and you can get your fortine told it only cost 50 bells in animal crossing you get bells instead of dollars
totakeke-also known as k.k slider if you go to the train station on saturday nights 8:00 through 11:00 k.kwill be there if you go to talk to him he will play a song for you this is the only way you can get music .every ones house comes with a radio so you can play music in your house. it is simple you just go to your radio after you get the cd from then hit pop in a tune
porter- he works at the train staton.if you have another memory card in slot B that has an animal crossing town on it you can go to that town by using the train
redd-if you see a tent that says black market with the word black crossed out that is redds tent he has a little bit of stuff in there you can buy in there it costs way more than it would at your local store but some times he has things that you can only get there


tommy nook
Jack-on halloween night every one in your town will be dressed like jack and will run up to you for candy but if you see somone not begging for candy go and talk to him and he will give you a spooky item.
tommy nook-he works at the store with timmy and the store you can talk to any of the nooks any day accept for when they are remodeling and on the last day of every month about your catalog selling items turnip prices and codes
cheat codes - you can go to the store and talk to tom tommy or timmy nook and type in codes
!!cheat codes!!

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